history of ebmbia, part 0.6

this whole story has been sitting behind one or two sentences in the initial http://www.ebmb.org/essays/history.html, "degeneration" paragraph 7, for more than year. Well, people might not want to remember bad feelings, but they should be reminded. "Noone is forgotten, nothing is forgotten", is written by the mounds.

There was a once messageboard. It was more like a voluntary club, with some members sitting there all-over-the clock, some passing by once a week, and others once in a blue moon, using it as a poste-restante communication channel. Instead of coffee beer, there were served thoughts and ramblings and comments of other members - as both the merchandise and the payment.

The place was known as General Fravia MessageBoard. Who was General fravia, doesn't really matter. He wasn't much around there, after the very start - but he did make sure the place exists and murmurs. Of course there were some janitors there, at least to know where is the fire bell and which tap is the hot water for the beer, sorry, coffee.

Of course there happened scuffles. That is the salt of the earth, so let it be. Usually on the next week the fighters were drinking their words together again, if not, well, the place was big enough to accommodate couple of people who do not speak to each other.

Quality of the stuff served? Some was perfect. Some was medium. Some was scottish watersauce (but with new[t]s in it! Who gives you real good new[t]s nowadays?). Who cares, if the talk goes fine. And as it goes everywhere, with time places start to smell a bit of old beer. Which doesn't make them uninhabitable although. Just selects the visitors base.

I was one of janitors for a while, and might have been getting more baksheesh and putting more water than should be, but it never wasn't with bad intentions. And only best quality raindrainwater. Ah, i kept the library (all beer ring pads, covered in tiny writings and droppings, were maniacally collected by me. For no reason but for recycled pulp to publish me memoirs).

Hell, sorry, well, one sunny day on the second year, something entered the club. Something like a puppet. Something like nothing in the world, or it thought so. Looked around, threw couple of thoughtful comments to check the ground -- ahha these are niceish people here -- no guns no cameras no owners -- and then started slowly and pedantically and systematically to murder the place. Not without a little help of its co-operators (as it happens to be).

Troll? Laundry detergent advertiser? Agent provocateur? None of the above.

This thing has an agenda. A scroll in his head, reading - "i am a puppet, therefore, everybody should be puppets then. No more of this different-themes-and-opinions softish business. There is only one theme - mine - one opinion - mine - and it's what matters. You are with me or your are against me - and i AM the world."

Who tried to disagree, was stubbed. Who ignored it, was stabbed. Who tried to fight back, was flooded. Not with beer, but with acid. The best bile one can get is its.

Oh, not just any bile. Very well thought, weighed and aimed bile. One target at a time. I still remember one of its first posts, in which it gave a full description of how-to troll, target, attack and turn down people. Psychologically, and that is what matters - to you reality is what you thinks it is. Those who have kept their beering pads, may try to find it. It might come handy. Extremely good headology, it knows.

Well, basically the algorithm is easy. One analyzes what the victim likes and dislikes, hard and soft places, which are the most reactive zones on the body... sorry, mind. And then you pick a proper time and opening, and then attack. Each and every bit that matters, has to be attacked. All at once, at full power. This for the persons. For communities, there's additional trick. And you have to put victims in proper order, the pliable, weak or not very self-confident or significant first, then the rest. Who can't stand it, leaves. Even if the tough ones withstand it, they will have noone to beer with. And then, after sadly looking around the place, they will leave too. And never come back.

Of course all this does not happen in 24hrs, it's a long process. Killing a community takes time, and the puppet has-is taking its time.

Making sympathisers by cleverly pin-pointing something that is stupid. We're all humans, not puppets, and do make mistakes and stupid things, so there u go, lotsa stupidity out there, lots of food for this.

Making enemies when practical, and turning people one against another. Playing on human's built-in xenophobia.

Putting some nice merchandise or behaving properly once in a while to wake-up people's hopes for healing. Hope dies last.

Screaming about Freedom and Rights each and everytime someone reaches the broomstick and hits it. And calling people yesmen if they agree with such methods. Playing on human's pity and strive for freedom.

Speculating that XYZ is not the real XYZ but someone pretending. Or that someone is using puppet's handle. Playing on suspicion.

Creating other co-avatars to play with. One standing for, one standing against. Or otherway around. See, not alone at all.

All pure human characteristics, abused to the max. After all, this technology was being applied to humans - behind proxies, avatars and loaded legends, we are still humans. And human nature never changes much.

So, just before the whole place crumpled down into a state-of-shack-in-the-kitchen, some of the remnants gathered together and put up ebmbia. A land of exiles and escapees. A land with no written rules but extremely heavy nonwritten ones.
Because we know why.

This puppet calls itself Golem. It is alive and well, and flourishing. Feeding on people's built-in stupidity. Feeding on people's humaneity, with their pros and cons. Feeding on Freedom being equalled to a Licence. If it's a business, it's legal, hey! And preventing others from communication is quite a business nowadays.

The only known vaccine is - DO NOT REPLY. Whatever at stake. Throw your computer away if needs be. You don't have to read it either, but that's up to you.

svd, aug-sept2k1

p.s. sept2001. You can see the above described webmass murder technology, each and every bit, applied again recent months at mb.hcunix.org. And.. not only