Seeing United States thru the eyes of a "foreigner"
part1 (12/04/01 17.42.52)

note: this essay was written as a response after I read William Gibson's article he did for WIRED magazine about Singapore. Now, I like Gibson's books, even if the last 3 were pretty shitty. And I don't know much about how Singapore REALLY is. But to attack it just because the Singapore leaders tried to create Utopia is wrong. I have read his article over a dozen times now, and everytime I re-read it I get as mad as I did the first time. Mr Gibson has managed to turn every positive thing into a negative. He cleverly twists everything around, even finding faults with the cleaniness of Singaporean's main airport. This is too much, showing clear bias on his part. I believe Mr. Gibson should have written an article about United States instead, or better yet Canada because he is Canadian after all. Here I am doing it for him. Like the old Bible saying goes: "Don't worry about the splinter in your brother's eye, but take care of the beam in YOUR eye first." note 2: I'm going to use the term Americans in this essay to talk about the citizens of United States. Note however that I am very aware that Canadians, Mexicans, ets are also Americans.

Seeing United States thru the eyes of a "foreigner".

"This is IT, my boy!" I say to myself while the black guy is rummaging through my pockets, trying to see if I have any cash on me. "Now you can kiss your ass goodbye!" He has his left hand in his jacket, acting like there is a gun in there. There might not be. Or there might be. Can I take the chance? Let me give you a but more info so you can get a better picture of what's going on. I'm standing downtown Los Angeles at 1:30 in the morning, waiting to catch a bus to go to work. I'm poor, so I don't have no car, OK?? This creep came to me from behind and told me to be cool or he is "gonna blow mah fucken head off". So I play it "cool", keeping an eye on his hand. I'm in a dream. Nothing is real. Then he makes the mistake of taking his "gun hand" out. It's empty. I spin around and push him against the wall, rasing my heavy bag and smack him in the face. Just another bum trying to act tough, desparate enough to play a robber. "Hey..." he mumbles weakly... "Get the fuck outta here." I say "Or I'm the one to blow YOUR fucken head off!" Luckily, my bus comes right at this moment, so I turn around and board it. I'm shaking. The sudden surge of adrenaline makes me feel nauseous. I walk to the back of the bus and drop down. Yep, the beggining of yet another wonderful day in Paradise, aka United States, the "land of the free and the home of the brave". "It's like the whole reality of the Americans was written by some Hollowood hack," I say to myself "under the motto 'Give them bread and circuses and they will be happy, then keep on telling them they are "free" and have "freedom" enough times and they will begin to believe you!

Been living in United States for a while now. Almost 20 years as a matter of fact if you wanna know. Getting pretty sick and tired of all their phonines, bullshit, double plays and general unability to see beyond their own noses. The more I look, the more I can't shake the feeling I'm visiting some place imaginary, and not real, something that's no more substantial than a dream. A beautiful dream to be sure, atractive and cleverly designed to look real but it's not. The sensation of trying to connect the reality of the American that I live in with the one they keep on showing me on American TV is is rather painful, like being jolted awake in the middle of the night by a robber. Or maybe the time when some stupid redneck yelled at me "Hey, jew, get the fuck outta here, we dont laak no jews here, I'm gonna kick your ass!" makes me just suck my teeth in and set my jaw tight. Think you know how America really is? United States is decidedly a fucked up R rated experience, not unlike its many fake blond beleached bimbos with fake boobs throwing their hips in "sexy" manner, trying desparetly to tintilize, but not succedding one bit. If Disneyland had ever bothered to be real, then that country will have much in common with United States. Looks great, but once you get close enough, you will see its trees are plastic, its oceans have blue painted walls and the fishes in them are just cheap wind-up are toys. There is no slack in United States. Here you either work hard and listen and do EXACTLY what your boss sez, or you will be out on your ass and fast! (you end up out on your ass out anyway every 10 years or so when the "ressesions" hit like clockwork, but that's another point we will be discussing bellow). Imagine boot camp, or your worst memmories of High school, where the cool and popular rich kids had the run of the place while the 4 eyes shmuck was the idiot everyone made fun of. That's how United States really is, and the idiots are its average citizens, being made fun of and being taken advantige of every day of their pathetic lives. That's why about 90% of what Americans talk about centers and has to deal with either money, power or how succesful they are. If you listen to them, you will be amazed how buisiness like and sharp the average American is. Nobody, I mean nobody can put a bannana peel under their feet, nobody can pull a fast one one them, EVER! Afer a while you begin to realize those are the wishful ramblings of losers who see how much they are being taken advantige of and the ONLY way to deal with that is to make up stories and tell those stores to one another. United States is peculiarly stuck in 19th century, even if it claims to be the most advanced country in the world. It is an odd place, where the President is expected to be seen coming out of church every Sunday, where the words "fuck", "dick", "pussy", "cunt", "piss", "ass" and the like cannot be said/used on their TV and the radio, but even 10 years old kids use them in their every day conversations, where you can still go into a gun store and buy a gun, or a shotgun or an almost fully auto machine gun.. Where you are measured by how much money you make, what car you drive and how big your house is. Where it DOES matter what the color of your skin is, or if your eyes are slanted or not, even if you are ASSURED it doesn't anymore.

American cities are dirty, gray, grim affairs. Lotto ciment and asphalt and very little trees. Lotto old crumbling buildings that nobody repairs anymore, lotto freeway overpasses. All gray. Sea of gray parkin lots, one after another. American cities are old, and usually devided into several sections: 1.the original city that now is called "downtown", usually now the most run down part of the city, generally used for goverment buildings and where the poorest people live either on the street or in run down hotels/motels. Bums, crime, cheap fast food places, porno shops and cheap second hand stores are the staple of ANY American downtown. If you are "white" i.e. caucacion, you better don't end up "downtown" at night, or it's your life buddy boy! It's a nasty place to be, downtown. Skid row. Lines of card board boxes bums use to sleep/live in. If you wanna get depressed quck, go to any American "downtown" city. 2. Expended parts of other cities now grown together. Those include residential and buisiness areas. There places are much better that "downtown" but more expensive and their design is dated to the point where you always get huge traffic jams there every day in the morning and in the afternoon for at least 2-3 hours. 3. "suburbia" is the newest part of any city. It's a confusing overgrowth of indentical houses with manucured lawns infront of each. Houses look like they came out of the same box set and they did. I said confusing because the houses all look alike, and the streets all look alike. "Suburbia" was developed durring the 1950s and 1960s American, when the country experienced a boom of growth and all those people had to live someplace, right? "Suburbia" is bland, sad place to live it, where you don't even know your neibours, besides a short nod to them now and then. But their lawns sure look great, ALWAYS green and perfectly cut. In fact, if an owner doeasn't take care of his lawn, he can be fined for "ruining the look of the neibourhood" and "bringing it's prices down".

In fact, if you take a look at a satelite photograph of an American city, any city, it looks remarcably simular to a human cancer cell overgrowing in ALL DIRECTIONS. Positevely scary....

Let's talk about Americans themselves now. The Americans are very found of certain words and expressions. They use them all the time, regardless whether it is correct to use them or not. "Freedom" seems to be their number one, all time favorite word. They are simply in love with it, and use it ALL THE TIME to describe how their country is and how their citizens are. "The citizens of United States enjoy freedoms not found anywhere else in the world.", "Let freedom ring!" ets. But by using it so much, it all begins to sound so forced, and reminds me of the old saying: "If your repeat something a million times, it becomes true.". Seems they must constantly reassure themselves that YES, they DO have "freedom", while the rest of the world doesn't. That's hardly the case tho. Read on... "Democracy" is the second favorite American word. All their "talking heads" on the TV also use it all the time, assuring everyone listening that yes, United States is a democracy, while the rest of the world is NOT. In fact, United States is a republic, and NOT a democracy, but hey, democracy certainly sounds better, don't it? It sounds all so Greek, all so majestic, all so high and noble. White marble statues with perfect bodies, men in togas, the perfect society, ets... Yeah, ancient Greece WAS a democracy, but they also had slaves and didn't let their women vote...Oh, wait, United States did have slaves too and only began letting women vote at the turn of the 20th century...Hmmm...So I guess that YES, they rilly are a democracy then, they had so much in common with the Greeks! We are going to talk about their system of goverment later anyway, so enough about democracy for now. Another favorite American expression is "having fun" as in "We had lotto fun going out on Saturday night!" or "We are having lotto fun being here in Disneyland!", ets. Americans seem to separate their times/lives into "fun time" and "not fun time". They work, work, work, then they "have fun". One of their favorite questions also deals with the subject of fun: "So, did you have fun this weekend?" or "Did you have fun on your vacation?" Americans are obsessed with "having fun". They gotto "have fun" all the time, or life ain't worth living. "Did you have fun?" "Yes, we had lotto fun when we went skiing!" is the obligatory responce that you MUST give back to them. I will talk in a bit about the answers one is expected to say when engaged in every day conversation with Americans...Enough about fun now... Another favorite American buzz word which has lost all its meaning from overuse is "controversial". Everything is "controversial" to them. I mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. A slight difference of opinion? "Controversial". A new medical treatment? "Controversial". A different point of view on some subject? You got it, it's "controversial"!! It has come to the point where I am trully begining to hate that word! True, everything IS relative and subjective depending on the observer, but come on! A point of view is NOT controversial, its just a different point of view. Constantly overusing "controversial" shows how unequipped Americans are to deal with ideas outside of their world and reality view. In fact, it's fairly obvious how difficult is it for Americans to deal with ideas at all. They always have to endlessly discuss EVERYTHING to death, or so they clam to make sure ALL the points of view are presented. In truth, very little real discussion is actually going on. You can observe that in ANY of their TV talk shows or radio talks. 10 or 15 minutes of allocated time doesn't even begin to be enough time when discussing a subject, ANY subject. But the Americans seem to think so. Yet their news anchores always end up the so called "discussions" with the predicable "Sorry we ran out of time." comment. Worse, their TV is filled with "talking heads" - their so-called "experts" who only manage to regurite the most mundane middle-of-the-road predicable responces to asked questions. It reminds me of the famous theory of "information = the negative of the probability that you can predict the "signal" in advance." developed by Shannon in "Mathematical Theory of Communication" or "if you know what will be said, it ain't information" in other words. Thus when their president comes on TV to talk about certain subject, I ALREADY know what he is going to say even before he opens his mouth. When somebody like their preacher Pat Robertson or the "conservative" radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh comes on the radio, I pretty much know all their stands on all subject. Thus I get zero information from them. All these people manage to do is fill up air time saying the most predictable things. Preaching to the converted indeed. Americans are very worried about "discrimination". They constantly have to make sure they are not being "descriminated" against, or that they are not "descriminating" somebody on the base of their race, religion, sexual orientation, ets, ets, ets. They have created numerous laws dealing with this sort of things. All that is because in their 200 years old history, Americans have show to be the biggest racists of the planet. They have disciminated agains every nation, race and what not, starting from the indians, excuse me, Native Americans to chinese, blacks excuse me African Americans, Irish, italians, ets, ets. The Americans put japanese nationals in concentration camps durring WWII and confiscated their businesses and private property. No worse that what the Germans did to the jews. OK, they didnt ut them in gas chambers, well that's something! Americans are big on "equality" too. They are constantly assuring themselves that yes, everyone in United States is equal to everyone else. All that assuring just makes me see better that how just to opposite is true. And another funny thing is how Americans are ALWAYS raving how such and such group in United States is getting preferential treatment thus more "rights" than some other group. Like "rights" can be given on a platter. Americans are always worried somebody might be getting more "rights" than them. Another favorite American word is "lifestyle". They are obssesed with the "quality of their lifestyle". They are constantly talking about their "lifestyles", comparing it with some perfect Platonian ideal "lifestyle" they are always striving to acheave. This ridicilousness has given birth to fakes such as Martha Steward, who makes millions every year teaching people how to have the perfect "lifestyle". "Today, on the Martha Steward show, I'm going to show you how to make the perfect home made baskets and also we'll cook an apple pie!" In real life Marta Steward is a 50+ spinster, unmarried, with no children. Yes, it DOES makes me stop and wonder who is the bigger bufoon. Yet another of their recent fav words are "obscene" and "offend". The minute the average American is confronted with something outside of his/her world view they either declair it "obscene" and/or get "offended" by it. The horrible "pollitically correct" movement and term was began in United States after all. Enough said there, I'm sure... In fact, maybe 60 to 80% of an average every day American conversation is filled with expressions and ready-to-use sentances, because Americans rarely say what's on their minds. It's very easy to talk with an American once you learn their speach patterns, and how they interact with one another. But remember, we don't discuss nothing controversial, OK? We don't discuss neither religion or believe systems or anything of value worth discussing. Sports is good, so is the latest new blockbuster movie...the rest...well, it leads to arguments and arguments sure ain't good....

Americans take a pride in their so called "indiviguality". They claim that they are all strong indiviguals, and not easily led by trends, fashions, ets. In fact, JUST the very opposite is true. Americans are no more "idivigualistic" than any other country or citizens in the world, but actually less so. They make sure they follow the latest trends in fashion, music ets, and will blindly swallow any line of bullshit. Being part of a group is very importaint to them. Reminds me of the scene in "Catcher in the Rye" where Holden was asked by another boy where a particular type of church was located in town, so the boy would know if Holden "belonged to his religious tribe." I observed another example first hand when tattoos and red colored hair was popular among teen girls. One girl I knew who claimed to be oh so indivigualist always made sure she was as hip as she can be. She kept on getting tattoos all over her body and even had her belly button pirced. Why? It's cool she said! Now, almost 10 years later she is sorry she did it and it taking them off with lazer surgery. Their companies make millions, no billions of dollars marketing the latest Britheny Spears/Aguelera look and millions or gullible teens follow immeadietly in trend. In fact, EVERY new trend the kids have come up with in the past 50+ year was immediantly highjacked by the American corporations who adopted it quickly to cheat more kids out of the allowences their mamies and daddies gave them- from the hippies'music to the punks' hairstyles, to "alternative" music style(alternative to WHUT???) to modern "gangsta raps" stars. Im not afraid of punks myself. It just another uniform of the oppressed classes, the people with no power, who have to find a way to make themselves look tough. The slick creepozoids wearing 400 + dollars suits and ties scare me a LOT more than anything crazy GG Alin ever did.

Americans are smug. Overbearingly so. They have been told countless times they are "the best country in the world", that they are unique in the history of the humanity, that they "have freedom" and "equality for all". And they really DO believe that. To them, the rest of the world is just some backward 3rd world country without decent toilet facilities while they are the best and after all, EVERYONE wants to come to America, right? Actually, lotto people don't "wanna come to America". They would rather stay where they are, and if a lot of those people that DO "wanna come to America" knew how America REALLY is, they won't even think of "coming to America". But myths die hard. "Star Wars" is still the best movie ever made for some people too. Go figure. Like it's been said: "Perception is more importaint than reality." Americans are big believers in their Constitution. Like I said, they believe it's unique and there is nothing like it anywhere else. In fact, the real story going like this: A bunch of rich white ALL men who were all big landholders got tired of paying high taxes to England, so they got together and decided they will make a country of their own. Easy as that. Nothing ground-breaking really. The French did the same thing and they even rolled a few heads in the proccess. Hey, revolutions can be messy, right? Perfect men, perfect union. It was hardly that. They call those men the "founding fathers" fawining over them the same way the Ruskies used to drool over Lenin and Stalin or the same way the Chinese used to worship their Mao years ago. Put them on a piedestal. They even carved their likenesses onto a mountain. Same thing just like nazies used to do with Hitler. But it turned out a few independent "states" didn't wanna join their "perfect Union" so they had to have a civil war. Ain't nothing civil about any war, believe you me. In fact, their famous and "unique" Constitution is one of the oldest in the world, now 200 years old. Rather dated in other words. It's as relevent to the modern world Americans live in as the ideas of Sigmunt Fraud are relevent to modern psychology. Try to tell THAT to the Americans tho. They will scratch your eyes out and tell you to "go back to where you came from if you don't like it", conviniently forgetting ALL of them are foregners, the only "real" Americans who can have any real claim to the land and the so called "native Americans" aka "Indians". We will get back to the "native Americans" and their problems later.

Americans claim that they hate all communists, socialists and the like. But wait a second here. Let's look at the word communism and where it comes from. Communism comes from the word community and communities of all sizes and shapes play very importaint part in human society. You have your church comminuty where all christians gather, and you have the gay community where all gays get together in their own bars and clubs. You have your rich men's clubs, and you have your inner city gangs, which is yet another type of commmunity. Communities are everywhere if you look around. Everyone wants to belong to a comminuty, and the bigger the community the better actually. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you mumbling, but we don't want our goverment regulating everything - all jobs and manifactiring like Russia did. Yet the very funny thing is EVERYONE in United States wants to get a cushy goverment job, 'cuz it pays good, has great side benefits(medical, retirement, ets) and it's hard to get fired from. The companies in United States that are in good shape are always the ones with the nice fat goverment contracts- Boeing, ets. Still Americans will say they hate communism. They rave against "socalist" countries such as Sweden and the like, yet their goverment officials - congresmen and presidents vote to give themselves pay rases and pay increases anytime they feel like it. Their congresmen and presidents are set for life after they leave their jobs for they get nice fat pentions untill the day they die. It's great to work for the United States goverment! Americans keep on talking what a great economy they have, how strong and free it is(here's that word again!), how everyone who wants to can get rich by working hard. More baloney sandwitches. In fact, the United States has 3.4 trillion national dept. That's how America has been able to build its "economy that's the envy the world". By borrowing against its future and and spending it now. Now EVERYONE in United States is responsible for that dept. EVERYONE, even incuding the unborn. I shudder when I think what will happen when the times comes to pay that 3.4 trillion dept. I just hope NOT to be around when that happenes.

Americans are really big on religion. Especially christianity. I have seen more religions nuts here than anywhere esle. While the rest of the world(Europe for example) is slowlly but surelly putting organized religion where it belong- in museums, the Americans are getting more religions by the minute. Or so it seems. Or so they will assure you. In fact, they are turning to religion so they can be a part of a community a group, where they can meet, socilize, be part of a community and help each other if nessesary. They see being religious as desirable because: 1. religion provides stability in a speeding up world because it doesn't change(the Bible ALWAYS stays the same, no matter how much science progresses) and 2. it makes you appear more moralistic, more stable as a person. Thus if you religions, then somehow you will have better morals and/or ethics than a non religions person. It's true! Americans really DO believe that! I have witness that numerous times when people being intervied on TV or someplace were asked point blank if they were religious like that somehow makes them better persons than non religions people! Of course, if you try to get into a friendly discussion about religion with them, you better be prepaired to bail out quick, for they won't stand it for one second if you try to point out certain logical inconsistencies words such as "belief", "faith", ets. Personally, I have had lotto fun with them asking them simple questions about the Bible and its teachings then pointing out why their answers were wrong. For unlike most Amercians who claim to be oh SO religions, I have actually studied the Bible and I know it fairly well. Of course, then they quickly turn everything into a matter of "faith". Can't ever win with them... Americans sure DO LOVE their entertainment. Music, movies, TV, radio, countless shitty spy novels by Tom Clancy or books about what JFK and Merilyn Monroe did together. New stuff is constantly coming out of Hollywood and their big enterntainment companies such as Warner brothers and others. Anything to escape reality it looks like. Let's talk about their TV first. American TV and radio frankly scare the shit outta me. They are simply awful, there is no strong enough word to describe them, rilly there isn't. Cable TV. Network TV that almost nobody watches anymore. Countless channels to choose from, countless ads to watch every 5 minues. Whatever you want, whatever you are interested in. Want music vids for example? There is MTV, VHS1, VHS2, the Country music channel, ets. All 24 hours a day, 8 days a week! Or you want sports? Which sport specifically? Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, wrassling, ets? Men or women? Eh? Oh, you want movies! No problem, my friend! We got HBO, HBO2, HBO3, HBO4, The Movie channel, ets, ets, ets. Pay per view! First run! Enough movies for you to spend all day in front of the TV watching them. In fact, American kids and adults spend more time infront of the TV than working or going to school every single day! It's a well known fact, look it up! Reading books? Whut's dat? The average cable TV subscriber forks over 50 dollars EVERY month to the cable company for this stuff and they get over 100 channels to choose from!! Nice, eh?? Actually it's a rip off... There is even a cartoon channel network dedicated to cartoon. That's right, cartoons, all day long! Nirvana for the kids, man! Their daily evening news are filled with nothing but steady diet of crime and accident reports, who got shot and where, who got robbed and where, and simular stories cleaverly written to scare and confuse. Watching them one begins to feel you are not secure everywhere, that you need the police, that crime is everywhere, that weirdo perverts are lurking behind every telephone pole(like Robert Crumb said while discussing "The silence of the lambs"). Every new Friday the Hollywood machine churns out more new movies for mass consumption. It has come to the point where entertainment is the number 1 import United States has to offer to the world. Yet its movies still remain simple banal morality plays of "good vs bad" and the good ALWAYS wins at the end in every Hollywood movie. Most of the time that is. Unless a sequel is coming out in a few years, so we need to make the ending as ambiguous as we can. Bookstores in Unted States, consequently, are sad affairs, large empty places selling almost nothing I would ever want to buy. When you walk into one of those places you are greeted with a raw of the latest bestselers books by the standard lowest possible denominator authors such as Annie Rice, Steven King, Muchal Crincton, TOm Clancy and the like. Then a raw of calendars. Then a raw of Harry Potter books. Whatever sells the most! Surveying the different sections of these stores, I see lotto American authors but a few foregner oens.

The local papers, are essentially organs of the big companies, instruments of only the most desirable propagation. This ceaseless boosterism, in the service of order, health, prosperity, and the American way, quickly induces a species of low-key Orwellian dread. American newspapers are huge, and very cleverly designed. An average page is taken by 80% of ads placed on the bottom and in the middle of the page, and 20% "content" placed at the top of the page, so you are to be sure to see the ads. After all, its the ads that make the profit for the newspapers, not the content. American TV claims it trives to realism. Hardly that when their suitcoms relay on a fake canned laugh track to tell you when a joke is said. Countless cop shows, game shows, "soap operas"(named that way because their first "sponsors" were soap companies), and their horrible talk shows round it all up. None of this stuff is worth anything anyway. Worse, none of it has to be even good, but just passable. It's just entertainment, something to do to kill a few hours, right? Besides, what are you, a critic? If I liked it and enjoyed it, then its good, man! I even visited the "capital entertainment city of the world - Las Vegas!". Believe it or not, it's boring there. Besides gambling ooop, sorry gaming(Orwells's newspeak strikes yet again!) and a few overpriced circus like acts there isn't much to do there. The only interesting places are the free for all white tigers' habitats and the new crocodile habitats.

Seeing United States thru the eyes of a "foreigner" part2 (12/04/01 17.44.02)

Americans are strangly puritanistic and hunged up about all sexual matters, yet they claim to be so modern and advanced in all areas. It fact, they are childishly obssesed with sex and all of its forms, to the point of creating an agency named FCC which regulates what can and can't be shown and what can't and can be said on their TV and radio. Any type of nudity is stricly forbidden on their regualar so called "networks" TV, including naked breasts, swearing and using curse words. Funny thing is they have no problem with violence tho, showing people shooting and maiming each other with no problem whatsoever. Another even funnier thing is they only regulate their "network TV" and radio stations, while their cable is free to show lotto nudity and use dirty words. WOW! How advanced, how englightened! Wait,there is a catch - you gotto pay for it tho! Their brilliant commedian George Carlin had a routine where he talked about the 7 forbidden words you can't say on the TV and the radio. They even regulate the movies being produced. A recent example was the really shitty movie "With eyes wide shut", where digitally created people were added to several scenes to hide certain AHEM! things going on. How...pathetic really. European TV has long been showing much more explicit things and nobody even bats an eye there. But Europeans are not hunged on gawking at women's tits. It's a pretty normal thing for a woman to take her top off on a Europen beach. IF a woman tried to do that in United States, she would be immediatly arrested for "public nudity" or worse.

Big Brother watches you EVERYWHRERE you go in United States- sevaral cameras in the bank(one at each entrance), many in the supermarket, 5 inside each city bus, even the mall greet's you with a sign warning, sorry informing you that you are being filmed! Now even city intersections have cameras "to prevent red light jumpers" and cameras dot the freeways. Of-course its all done for our own good-to prevent crime. Yes, the abundance of all those eyes watching, recording every move I make once I leave my house does make me feel oh so safe and secure! Freedom indeed!! Americans are so scared of ordinary natural substance like hemp, they have passes one of the strickers laws when it comes to "illigal and regulated substances". Their jails, sorry, "correction facilities" are filled with non violent "criminals" whose only crime was either selling or buying hemp, extasy or cocaine. Yet the goverment allows alchohol to be freely sold and makes a hefty profit off of it by imposing a heavy tax on all "alchoholic beverages".

American food is one of the worse in the whole world. ALL of their meat products - beef, chicken and pork is filled with both growth hormones and antibiotics that were given to the live stock. Their chickens are feed so much hormones they grow to full adult chicken in only 3 weeks. The beef and pork has red color added to make it better looking. Their vegitables and fruits are artificially grown and feed with preservatives, and picked well before their ripe time, insuring they won't rot on the way to the supermarket. Worse, all of their vegitables and fruits have been genetically engeneeired and mutated. Watermelons and grapes with no seeds. Geneticaly engineered corn everywhere. The apples and tomatos in the store are washed in wax to keep them fresh and good looking. Many newcomers to United States comment on how tasteless vegitables and fruits are. I agree. Nothing we can do. Americans are addicted to the caffeine and sugar in Coke Cola and Pepsi. They consume ridicilous amounts of what is essentially a toilet bowl cleaner. Pizza. Fats food, excuse me, fast food joins everywhere are the often the main food source for many low income Americans. McDonals, Wendies, Carl's Junior, Pizza Hut, Dominos, ets, ets, ets. And if you think their prices are cheap, well they are NOT!

Not EVERYTHING about Americans is phony or ridicilous however. They have the wonderful Amenments to their constitution. Expecially their 1st amenment, the freedom of speach is wonderful, and I strongly believe a lot of countries around the world will greatly benefit from adopting it or creating something simular. Contries like Canada(who has one of the worse habits of censoring everything in sight), or United Kingdom for example. Japan. France. Russia, ets. The 1st amenment is extremly powerful and useful weapon, and no wonder. It allowes for the freedom of the press in the broadest sense possible. In theory, it protects against procecution if and when somebody writes something or expresses views not popular. Yet companies do manage to bypass it by declearing they have their written "rules and regulations". There is a lot more I could say about United States, but let's wrap it up here, because I'm getting tired of this.

What will happen in the future with United States? Who really knows, but a few things are fairly obvious. United States' golden years are over and are not coming back, no matter what everyone may say. The United States ruled the world from the end of WWII to the early 1970s. Now their manufacturing base is going thanks to NAFTA, being driven to the "3rd world countries" such as Mexico and China, where the workers can be paid very cheaply and there aren't any of those pesky enviromental regulations to worry 'bout. Clever, eh? The only jobs left are either in menagment, retail or "law enforcement"(cops and the like). Let's be honest here for moment. The boom 1990s were largely a fluke, falsely fueled by the hopes the Internet was gonna be the next place to sell more junk to the willing "consumers". (The second law of capitalism states that capitalism has to expand into new markets and new teritories.) When that turned out to be largely a dream carefully orcherstrated for a few million gullible people the stock market crashed. Badly. Some of the Nasdaq stocks from the so called new economy lost up to 60 and even sometimes 90% of their value in 6 months. Lucent, AOL, Yahoo come to mind as ready examples. Amazon-dot- com has yet to turn profit and they are running out of capital. Face it, capitalism needs its so called middle class, those are the people who largely become its consumer base. Without its middle class United States is in deep, deep trouble. Then who's gonna buy all that junk being created, eh? The Americans need to immediatly stop all of their bullshit and seriously start thinking about their country and where its heading. They need to realize how big bisiness and big governemt is controlling all of their lives, forcing them to pay ridicilous prices for energy, food and land, while filling their minds with cheap "entertainment" in the form of computer games, movies and other such crap. Indeed, the over 2 thousand years old Roman saying "Give them bread and circuses." has been elegantly executed in the United States. Let's hope the American people can wake up quickly enough to face the numerous chalenges of the 21 century modern world, or it will leave them behind. the end

written on April the 5-10th 2001, checked and modified on April the 6-11th, 2001
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