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This board would go better if... (20/04/00 05:17:31) Reply
    I see I've brought every conversation to an end. (I am so vain to think...)

    I'm sorry.

    I thought you had more gumption and would argue back. :-)

    Is my 'preaching' :

    a) boring
    b) so wrong, it's digusting

    Is it that you:

    c) have this pavlovian conditioning from school and adolescent dog packs and the military and church, that when someone raves at you, you are to fold your back your ears and take it. Then when the outrage is done, you wander outdoors and try to walk away normally...
    d) agree with me - what more is there to say? (that can hardly be)
    e) detect a performance, and now it's over... last one to catch on is the performer
    f) know there's a messageboard next door which is going somewhere
    g) think this questionnaire is rigged and you'd really like to know:

    h) where's eb
    i) where you're going on your holiday
    j) what's happening in Florida this year with the Cubans and the College kids. Are the republicans going to lynch Janet Reno? Will Fidel spank Ellian once he gets his hands on him?

    or is it suddenly quiet because:
    k) we're going to go right on and talk about easter if we don't stop now, and that's sacrilegious, not to mention rude.

    (svd, how come it's religious, but when you come round to being against it, it's spelled sacrilegious?)


    Do you consider reality cracking:

    1) amoral
    2) historical
    3) philosophical
    4) political
    5) psychological
    6) religious

    7) amateurish, so far
    8) a diversion
    9) impossible
    10) worthless
    11) something I've missed - what?


    This board would go a lot better if:

    A) gregor samsa started more threads
    B) augustus_p took us on a funkadalia tour
    C) dom gave us another sonnet
    D) P. Cook gave a little tour of fashion in art
    E) we took apart Seneca with kuririn
    F) if i could see ip.girl's ip address
    G) we followed some of Sielaff's (and fravia's) thoughtful rules for evidence ahead of time, instead of after...
    H) o² picked up that "did the tree fall in the forest" thread where hooh left it
    I) svd told us what he really thought
    J) we wrote a sci-fi thriller together in a thread... putting in the best of ...
    K) we took up our study of chinese immediately
    L) we took up our study of latin immediately
    M) we published all the links which have been mentioned
    N) there weren't so many questions


    Is the sci-fi idea feasible?

    feasiblity study of sci-fi:

    Come on now. There ARE themes. Don't the real sci-fi authors get bored with what has become common, and dream out new twinges and irony? How did we escape: 1984? Nuclear war? The holocaust? Two milleniums? All of Nostradamus' forsights? The hordes? Armegeddon? Is there a Jean Dixon exclusionary principle in science fiction and prophecy... If you see it clearly, it won't happen? Is sci-fi just out to play on our fears, like a rollercoaster?

    (Hey, svd, How come it is 'hordes' if you are afraid of them and 'hoards' if you are fond them?)
Humphrey P

3 strikes  (20/04/00 09:11:23) Reply
    aaa, thats that old game, right? Who'll say something last. it's my turn now, hehe

    seems everyone learned it, only u are missing the goooooooooooooooal. is it coz u "like" my angloplay, making new words out of rules for others, applying artifical grammar rules to natural languages and see what creature would pop in from the abysm inbetween....

    remember that FMB thread long time ago, where kuririn (or whoeevr was) said he's the only idiot one to end it, and there was somebody else who was bold enough to take the prize from under his nose...

    as for the questionaire (tell me, how many languages are mixed up to produce this word And its pronociation?)... i'll pass this time, no good cards at hand...

    but may use the cards on the table: Sometime ago, the oI asked the ***right*** ("rigth" seemed wrong) question afairemember

    *** are you lonely ?***

    (is it re-member, or remem-ber, and what -mem-ber has to do with -mem-ory?)

    i'm not surprised that u take all my words for complete decieve. As well as lots of other stuff. Maybe this avatar had got too much sheetload on it?
    Now, THE t(h)rouble is that they are exactly *what* i think, each and every time. hence, some alienation occurs... its like u talk chinese but i try to misunderstand it properly in patagonian, and answer u as u were talking in patagonian...

    my own "egg" Theory:
    There are 2 sorts of people.
    you see an egg. with some fur/hair on
    it. if the person is from "wild", not so much civilized/refined country/culture/style, the fur is very rough and even thorny - you can get hurt if you're not careful. But when you go through it, the egg is yours, it opens to you (i.e. the shell is now very thin and breakable). and there's always something there.
    If the person is from some "civilized" place in time-space-aura, the fur is gentle, deep, soft, amusing, but, the shell is unbreakable - you just can't go inside. or if u go, ther's nothing.
    And as it seems to me, for some people, even they themselves can't go through it...

    i dont exactly like ppl who walk with their heart all outside them, coz they actualy have nothing left inside...

    so, some music is in order. Look for Linsey Pollak

    p.s. now guess which post has more threads...

Re: 3 strikes  (21/04/00 10:45:38) Reply
    This one?
    http://www2.spiderweb.com.au/~csheehan/journey.htm My Personal Journey, by Linsey Pollak

    > my angloplay

    No, svd, it's that I believe, like dom, you can't do much about the evolution of a language: (except for a few heroic efforts: Like Luther's translation of the bible into German

    I believe the English language is evolving and you are making it do it. So, I'm listening.

    And I enjoy every snippet of fun I can find about Erdos Pal 's hungarish... It's an old trait in a phonics trained preppy kid to find all the exceptions. Whatever grammar is, it's not a discipline. Perhaps it's a study, or an investigation, or a set of rules, or a legal system, or a history of violations; but it's not a science.

    > remember ... whoever ... said he's the only idiot one to end it, and there was somebody else who was bold enough to take the prize from under his nose

    Yah. I do. There were more than one where we'd all said too much, and not enough, either. I just occasionally detect my own odour, and think maye I'm too offensive for my own good. So I go seek somewhere far away to sit down, be quiet, and take a dump... and wash the hands, as gregor samsa puts it.

    The other thing is, when people are talking, they aren't bored. They won't notice the length of the trip. Those two things are the gears in messageboarding.

    How to go at a speed and size to get a response, not just a retort, and still stay on topic. If we could figure out how to do that, we could chew up Seneca and spit him out...

    > how many languages are mixed up to produce this word And its pronociation?

    You're speaking of horde and hoard? You're quite right. Coming to the same pronunciation from two different German words.

    > i'm not surprised that u take all my words for complete decieve

    Come on. I'm picking on you... I'm teasing you. You seem to be the most forthright person we've got.

    I'm surprised you take all my words to be completely serious.

    > its like u talk chinese but i try to misunderstand it properly in patagonian, and answer u as u were talking in patagonian...

    That would be fun! I don't know any pagatonian.

    I tend to disregard the 'misunderstanding' ... after all, what are we trying to do? Misunderstand? No. Understand. And we're all trying. So, what's the problem. If I don't understand it, I've got to try harder.

    (This word 'understand' is a terrible word. Like 'f---' it can mean anything. I suppose linguists have a whole set of latin terms for the different ways we misinterpret, talk by, deceive, don't comprehend, put down, don't listen to, idolize each other.)

    > Maybe this avatar had got too much sheetload on it?

    Let's see. What have you been accused of. Purposely deleting posts, when you didn't. Purposely not deleting posts, when you should have. (not here, not here.) Screwing up the backup. (as though anyone else ever did a backup. and as though PlayingWithFire looked at your backup scripts ahead of time.) And I don't remember what all your other scars were. But I remember the knives were out quite a few times... And that it hurt! I found out you swear when you're injured!

    I'd say, talking s--- now and then, showed the animal was alive and well.


    Well, I was looking at a couple of thinkgs...

    And one was fravia+s FBI profiler.
    And one was the underground current of changing English until it worked for you. (like, weeding it out of programming languages... heee! I like it. Just once, in every IRC, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch!" )

    One was Erdös Pål... I'd like to do a Pål talking bot, you know... and so I was looking thinkgs up he might have said, and leaping over all linguistic hurdles... (no, actually I was hitting all those hurdles and knocking them over, and dragging them off the track for a real race... like the quarter, or the half, or the mile)

    When I thgouoght, "Why am I doing this, just for Pål? Pål was the grate graet graat collab a/o r o/a t o/e r, and he should shood shud be accompanied by like minded linguistic inventors! Like radio spawns talk show hosts!"

    So, I started to two too ... I started to stutter... which is just right for a function which doesn't get off the groungd, but not so good for a series...

    So I closed my eyes and typed: Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc! Svd, Happy, Smiley, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, and ipanema.girl, and Erdös Pål, and Humphrey [does he listen?: yes, guess], Pope Pål [language?: bablefish 1, 2, 3... ] [confession: you, he], Mao Zhu Qi [guns, roses], Pål Pot [what on earth was he thinkgingk?]... Lucy [5¢, 10¢]

    You could punch the radio button of the one you wanted to host the talk show, and pretend to call in.

    Now, after all of that conceptualizing, I've got to find a bunch of thinkgs they would have said, and figure out how to take their sayings apart, and how to put them together again, and what keywords and phrases from you would trigger which response in them.

    How do you do this? It's kind of a Nostradamus Roshomon play. And I suppose a perl cgi butt. (which you put out in your beercan and throw in the lake...)

    Have you got any peculiar retorts, cautions, repartees and aphorisms that you've noticed I use? You know, I never notice...

    (You don't thinkg a Pidgin Pidgeon Pigeon Pijin should be up there in between the mathematician and the monotheist? You don't know the kind of language they use on each other, do you? I'll be "Dove," the burd of pray. [bard beard bird prae prey gray grey])

    (Ok. I'll trade you places. Grumpy, Humphrey [yes, guess], Sleepy, Doc!, Happy, Smiley ... Erdös Pål, svd, Pope Pål [b1, b2, b3... ] [you, he], ...)


    acct=mb155985&MyNum=930492619&P=No&TL=930492619: svd: 27-Jun-1999: archive moved
    "ave atque vale, as Goth++ used to say... (dunno what it means though ;("
    acct=mb155985&MyNum=940598369&P=Yes&TL=940596343: svd: 22-Oct-1999: RE: Essays Taxonomy (or RFC for +HCU)
    "analogy is reverser's best friend"
    acct=mb155985&MyNum=940936217&P=Yes&TL=940883563: svd: 26-Oct-1999: Re: A newbee seeks answers about c++; cursing, and other Dirty Deeds
    "the best and worst thing about people is that memory they got... forgetting some things, remembering Others"

    acct=mb155985&MyNum=944603942&P=Yes&TL=944432811: fravia+: 07-Dec-1999: Re: Ah, the birds of a feather, together again, how nice....a question for you gents?
    "Affert vetustas omnibus in rebus longiqua observatione incredibilem scientiam."

    acct=mb155985&MyNum=946314569&P=Yes&TL=946281284: Volatility: 27-Dec-1999: Re: Here's mine
    "Anyway, the majority of IRC users are 10-16 year-old script and "haX0r" kiddies, and 40-60 year-old perverts... if you can alienate yourself from both of those groups, I think you'll find IRC quite a positive experience."

    augustus_p ought to be in this lineup too. But so far, I've only go one good quote on him:
    acct=mb186284&MyNum=947766632&P=Yes&TL=947698121: augustus_p: 13-Jan-2000: Re: whatsinanamedpipe?
    "Augustus Pablo is my real name. I cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. I leave that to the fantasy of the reality reversers in the other place."

    Lord knows what honest people will say next!

    (more links upon demand)

    Now, for the mythological ones, we could substitute P. Cook's series... and P. Cook. (If we could get'im to talk...)


    Do you thinkg this will get off the ground, or should I go back to stuttering?

    I mean, like, can you find enough thinkgs for me to say, or should I drop out?
Humphrey P

technical problems on ITW again?  (20/04/00 12:17:58) Reply
    here was a post from augustus_p, gone with the wind



Re: it is possible now to response to humphrey now  (20/04/00 20:37:49) Reply
    i think i do enough, sometimes to much, input here, without a new sonett. i agree point to point to what you say (the last time, ok?). i miss a counter, wanna know, how many readers this mb have. eb seems to be the soul of it, without him, it looks dry. i guess, there are more readers then writers, this is normal. maybe here the % of readers and non-writers is too high? but why? do we really have a bad attitude?
    as always,
    da steh ich nun...



Re: Re: it is possible  (21/04/00 02:12:38) Reply
    **eb seems to be the sould of it**
    hm. if u disappear for a +week, same sentence would apply to u. maybe. or anyone who reads this -- and does not hesitate to reply and post something -- not cowardly hiding in the shadows.

    being a soul of a mb (or anything) is dangerous. at a later stage when u suddenly realize it, and the thing is not selfpropelled, u start to selfcensorship, to be very cautious, trying to predict steps ahead (it's not chess, man! no sense in that!) i may want to say many things yet i say them only if they go over some threshold. so u don't get a sine wave, but only the top cut quarter-waves. and this is for more or less everyone here. thats' how i see it. "badly digitalized" ...

    are we 5? 6? 7? 10?

    when there are many *active* ppl, u talk or not - it's ok, same stuff. if there are few, the overtalk and undertalk is (might! not always) killing the talk. it should be developed slowly. once ppl know each other enough they may do it, they would know that it's not dangerous. but still remnants of the selfcensorship stay, especialy if one is not sure whether the flower is now steadily growin' or had just survived yet another day.

    lets put it this way. some time ago i had sort of psychological attack, i'm sure u've mentioned it. but noone posted or sent me a mail saying -- hey u going crazy or what -- were u afraid? that i'll be offended? keeping "politicaly correct"? forget it. i'm throwing only hearing that phrase.
    i've rough hair, not that easy, yet it's much more sensitive than most shiny marble-shitting stuff and i would pick the warning.

    hey DOM! cheer up! noone's dead, right? or else??

    anyway. my 2 stotinki (eh, a local phone call was at that price... 20y ago. so u could *talk* to someone for cheap, not like now considering whether or not...)

    haha. satirical sci-fi. hey, kuririn. wouldlike to meet u one day *there*. then u'll see is it sci-fi, or is it satirical. sure it is hi-fi. 12-22khz at least ;-). it's damn cynical prose, ppl doing miracles just to survive..

    pata-pata was good song...

Re: This board would go better if...  (20/04/00 21:51:41) Reply
    I noticed certain threads @ fravia's old board (a board it seems in which he is no longer active) which pointed toward a certain disillusionment, i.e., some of the threads sound almost like eulogies (but how many "deaths" can one MB sustain?). Anyway, It can be fruitful (imo) to question those known to be active (as you have done Humphrey) in order to see to what extent there is a common ground for common action. Seneca is probably not a possibility, but the discussions that have occured here on various topics (poetry, songs/music, among others) have certainly been of great interest to me. And so I am inclined to thank e as well for this possibility; thank you! It just so happens that I visit this board every morning (when their are usually 3-5 new posts) in place of the morning newspaper.

    I think a continued discussion (whenever the issue surfaces naturally) on flames is good. Call it whatever you like (r/c etc.), but the questions surrounding the issue points to concern for justice and respect--cannot be bad can it?

    Learning latin (or chinese, or Greek or... or ...) requires discipline. I have found the best approach(which is probably said too often)is to be armed with a standard grammer and a text in the language being studied. Now, if I want to learn to speak x,y,z languages I would travel to the land where the language would frame my studies. (Not to mention that there are still places in the world where a foolish American such as myself can hope to get a perspective on how limited the American point of view can be (in terms of a constrasting nation). In any event, the study of Latin can be quite enjoyable--but I do not see the possibility of turning it into a serious group endeavour (requires leisure and the
    sense that the study itself is somehow necessary). So, I consider this board to have much more than simple scholarly interst (and in my experience scholars don't have a mind of their own). One needs only to attend a University in order to see to what extent this is true. Not to suggest that the University is entirely corrupt!

    I think svd that you could easily retire and write sci-fi/satire. Have you considered this possibility? Your egg "theory" is both very humorous and insightful! (and remember there are still people in the world who enjoy experiencing the insights of others in a way that points them toward thinking not merely consuming).


Where is eb?  (20/04/00 21:59:30) Reply
    Do I know? Whatever: He's back.

Frohe Ostern !  (21/04/00 03:39:47) Reply

    I am so vain to think...

    Vanitas vanitatum -
    when the whole world is vain, why shouldn't you be as well ?

    Is it your posts ? Is it chance ? Easter holiday ? Are we bored ? A bit more patience ?

    Dunno. As for me, I sometimes need to work to be able to pay my phone bills - otherwise no messageboards at all :(

    Besides, sometimes I'm inspired to get this or that book (I'll end as librarian if I go on like this. Ook !). I have the habit of actually reading the ones I've bought (Many people seem to use them as decoration in the living room), so I need time therefore as well.

    BTW, I am a lazy guy and my Latin got a bit rusty, so it would be a tedious task to translate Seneca's "de ira". I haven't managed to get my hands on a complete German translation yet, just excerpts. If anyone happens to know where to get a more comprehensive one, I'd be happy to hear about it.


    No one bothered to answer your questionnaire ?
    I do:

    l) tried to figure out what will be on TV next X-mas,

    11) very time-consuming, if seriously done
    12) violet

    O)There were more questions


    Starting more threads ?
    What about ?

    Interesting questions like

    /A/ Is it heretic to write poems like the following one ?
    Does the pope wash his HANDS after going to the bathrom ?

    einer wäscht den anderen

    dem rumpelstilzchen
    zum kirchenaustritt

    jeden morgen
    nimmt der papst seinen schwanz in die hand

    hält ihn vorsichtig über das becken
    in das er sein wasser abschlägt
    (ein paarmal täglich)
    dann wäscht der papst seinen schwanz
    (zumindest steht das zu hoffen)
    aber niemand weiß wie
    :energisch oder behutsam
    unwillig oder fast zärtlich:

    jeden morgen
    nimmt der papst seinen schwanz in die hand

    (from Yaak Karsunke. I really like his poems. Unfortunately not much to
    be found on the web. Just one - and lots of other more or less
    interesting poems, most in German:

    /B/ Is there life after death ? (No, it is black. And it will start getting black that fast, I won't even have time to think "Yep, I was right")

    /C/ Do we spend too much time of our lives working ?

    /D/ What are we doing here anyway ?

    You'd very soon get bored with me. So I better leave this and throw in the more interesting questions once in a while.


    It's time to leave this computer alone before I get rectangular eyes. Wish you (and me) some nice days off !

gregor samsa

Re: Frohe Ostern !  (21/04/00 10:15:56) Reply
    Boy, I don't know.

    I should have gone to bed when you did. I just posted my answer to you to augustus_p's thread. Boy, will he be mad at me.


    I wonder what the reign of funkadalia would have come up with for an algorithm for Easter? It jumps around a lot, you know.

    Or would Sly just miss it two years in succession, and that would be the end of it?

    Curtis would bless it, and that would make it all, ok.
Humphrey P

Board blues  (22/04/00 07:11:48) Reply
    Glad that you like the art-fashion show.

    Once and a while I do talk HP, but, the little time spent on ether-net is mostly early morning.
    Before on FMB I used sometimes hours running up and down all the posts trying to find solution for others problems and to keep the board up. I believed that it was a nice way to make new relationship, until it became clear that this medium is - so - volatil. What is the point to take time to build-up relationship then? We will never shake hands; as I am more manual than intelectual, somehow I find this frustrating.
    So now I use that ether-time mostly for divertissement and giving bits here and there when I can.

    Of course nothing is written in stone and if ever it is, time erase it.

P. Cook

Re: Board blues rightleft  (22/04/00 12:37:08) Reply
    How could I disagree? Here we are spirits, flickering about, searching for a place to stay. Restless ghosts.

    >We will never shake hands

    I am not so sure about that. It all depends, I think, on how we make our choices. Real E-mail adresses are one means of getting closer to reality. There is a real name and physical address attached to it.

    So it is of our own choosing. If we really want to shake hands, then it can be arranged. There will be an economic limitation, of course. But otherwise it is only limited by the fragility of human life. If we wait too long, we will all be dead.

    The real life is limited by our physical powers. Our Web life is limited by our mental powers as well.
    But which mental powers?
    Who am I really? I guess I'm shifting. One moment the emotional, one moment the square, one moment the joker, one moment the factual. I suppose this message board will always be slanting towards the right hemisphere. Or was it the left? Which politics reside in which hemisphere of the brain? In which hemisphere is Seneca living? And Socrates? And Protagoras?


Re: Re: Board blues now and then  (22/04/00 13:53:00) Reply
    Me and my bike will be in Belgium in May. Wanna shake hands? ;)

P. Cook

Re: Re: Re: Board blues now and then  (22/04/00 21:31:01) Reply
    15-21 is the only week possible. Courses the first week - and my institution is on the move to a new location (3500 employees) the last one (22-28). So am I. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can arrange for a meeting in Amsterdam and make a detour to Liege.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Board blues now and then  (26/04/00 09:29:39) Reply
    He he nice turn as it seems, and thanks for the answer e.
    My arrival date is not fixed yet but I'll try to be there for the third week. When I'll get fixed I'll inform you by email.
    As Brussel is a bit closer to A'dam we could meet there as well and why not play Mort Subite Part II.

P. Cook

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Board blues now and then  (26/04/00 10:00:04) Reply
    Please email me quickly.

come again

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