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The great failure of the climate models (26/08/19 23:10:12) Reply
    Atmospheric scientist John Christy developed a global temperature record of the lower atmosphere using highly accurate satellite soundings. NASA honored him for this achievement, and he was an author for a previous edition of the U.N. report. He told a House Science Committee hearing in March 2017 that the U.N. climate models have failed badly.

Patrick Michaels and Caleb Stewart Rossiter

oh dear, you just touched me in my silly place (n/t) (29/08/19 21:46:28) Reply
james gunn

A climate Alarmist Sued a Skeptic for Defamation – and Lost (31/08/19 18:14:58) Reply
Onar Åm

yep, Onar makes me cum (01/09/19 14:49:15) Reply
    "except that instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data the word[s] of The Supreme Court of British Columbia"

    "The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently dismissed a defamation lawsuit by celebrity climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann against global warming skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. Mann must pay the full legal costs to the defendant. The ruling is explosive because it means that Ball’s claim that Mann was a scientific fraudster is now supported by the court."

    wait, what?

    dismissed? why?

    dismissed doesnt mean anyone lost or won...

    Onar is my bitch now.

    And so are you ;)
same gunn

come again

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