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I wish... (20/12/12 17:42:40) Reply
    ....a great "doomsday".
    And I mean it serious. *gg*

Re: I wish... (20/12/12 19:06:40) Reply
    sorry, it's called dom's day

Re: Re: I wish... (21/12/12 20:07:24) Reply
    Time to end it with a well-deserved something. Mine's in a glass.

Re: Re: Re: I wish... (21/12/12 21:52:58) Reply

Re: Re: Re: Re: I wish... (22/12/12 02:27:47) Reply
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkt4xU2wwhU and relax

its sex, that matters :q (22/12/12 10:00:41) Reply

    be afraid.

    be very afraid.

    (not really.

    just 'microsoft on rootkits'

    they should know, to paraphrase the joker,

    they made it ;)
come on

Re: I wish... (23/12/12 17:03:33) Reply
    Great observation of you kass~, too, and I mean that!

    Actually, I'd been keeping inside "resentiment" at it all for long, but never had "balls" to say it.

    Just.. you didn't believe them either, did you? :)

I didnīt... (25/12/12 07:58:02) Reply
    Of course, not in that way of one day :)
    That was a joke.

    Anyway, this end of this day, wasnīt that what the Maya predict.
    It is a new era.
    It started 2008 and it will " ends " 2015.
    But not as a doomsday :)
    Rather as a big change.
    And it started with wars, in Africa, Asia......and with crashs of bank,....

    blah blah :)

    Merry Xmas!

come again

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