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tourists & winter (30/12/12 21:21:00) Reply
    the tourists here with there (new xmas) winter clothes, caps & gloves in our winter, it's just a little bit strange. It's around 10 degrees here.

    All to You a good change to the next year, and a sufferable 2013.

    We will see


Wet ice (31/12/12 09:24:06) Reply
    We had a heavy snowfall and 5 degrees afterwards, so outside of my home there is a thick layer of wet ice. Literally a slippery slope. So outside my door there is a physical reminder: Take care when moving (but do move; keeping the garbage inside is not an option). With enough concentration the comedown can be postponed and maybe cancelled altogether.

    So - will the US save themselves, or will they let the lobbyists extend the cliffhanging for yet another year, to make the final crash even heavier?

new year (31/12/12 19:10:36) Reply
    wishes for a wonderful year to all as well

    interesting times ahead

    love & gratitude to all


Repeat (n/t) (31/12/12 23:51:56) Reply

come again

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