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∞ + 1 = ∞ as well as ∞ - 1 would still be ∞, or is it. Now what about: ∞ - ∞ ? (13/01/13 07:02:02) Reply

Re: ∞ + 1 = ∞ as well as ∞ - 1 would still be ∞, or is it. Now what about: ∞ - ∞ ? (14/01/13 20:32:43) Reply
    Nice confirmation of some of my prejudices about mathematicians - the pure ones. Even David Hilbert was mentioned. Ah - I remembered something about Hilbert and Göttingen and The Bomb - and John von Neumann was his assistent. And, yes
    "About a year later, Hilbert attended a banquet and was seated next to the new Minister of Education, Bernhard Rust. Rust asked, "How is mathematics in Göttingen now that it has been freed of the Jewish influence?" Hilbert replied, "Mathematics in Göttingen? There is really none any more.""
    (I read about Hilbert in that book that I read numerous times as a teen
    It might be worthwhile reading even today.
    But memories aside: It's nice entertainment with mathematicians, and some of it is undoubtedly useful. But it doesn't help me in down-to-earth problems of the interactions of chemistry and biology.

    Diversity is a nice concept. Let it grow.

Mathematicians and engineers (15/01/13 17:01:17) Reply
    Hilbert was a self-declared enemy of engineers and would have nothing to to with them.


Re: Mathematicians and engineers (18/01/13 17:40:53) Reply

should i react. or should i not (15/01/13 19:35:52) Reply
    maths, in general, is not "attached" to things, as it seems :)

    don't believe me?

    do this simple arithmetic manually:

    1.8 * 21 (i.e. 1.8 times 21)

    now try running this same statement in the following "simple" code in your browser (not your calculator ;) and observe the result, the difference:

    <script language = "javascript">
    document.write(1.8 * 21)


    (and very significant if we dare go, say, space shuttling :)
for a take-away

Re: should i react. or should i not (18/01/13 20:48:07) Reply
    who needs other universes

    when, probably,

    we've got "enough" of this :)
and i'll tell the world

Re: Re: should i react. or should i not (18/01/13 21:41:21) Reply
    as long, as we're in the same as Berilia, Tubul, Great-T'Phon & Jerakeen

Re: Re: Re: should i react. or should i not (19/01/13 16:57:29) Reply
    Hi "dom" :)

    Just fyi, that was me above :)

    Sorry. I just didn't want to "offend" anybody replying (being a nice person ;)

    Now hopefully "i'll tell the world" gets more sense.

    (Btw, nice post of yours above :)

for a take-away

Re: should i react. or should i not (20/01/13 13:30:28) Reply
    For those of ("lucky!" :) you who are a little less into js programming than myself:

    the result on your screen, after running that code, should be 37.800000000000004

    (you just copy/paste such a code into your text editor like notepad, save it with .html extension and double-click on it to open, btw :)

    Probably the same things happening with c(++) or java, not sure.

    I'm not a mathematician and I can't be sure about whats on, is there some kind of 'human/hacker intervention' on the code, changing from say binary to decimal, is it just how "the cookie crumbs" or something else..

    Anyway, to paraphrase e, the inspiration remains :)

me again

Re: ∞ + 1 = ∞ as well as ∞ - 1 would still be ∞, or is it. Now what about: ∞ - ∞ ? (17/01/13 12:56:04) Reply
    Now what about: ∞ - ∞ ?

    I'd guess it depends, which universe u're in. There's universes, where ∞ - ∞ clearly equals 42. And there's universes, where it's not defined.

come again

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