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camover 2013 (04/02/13 04:53:42) Reply

Re: camover 2013 (04/02/13 20:22:31) Reply
    It's a spiral, isn't it? An arms race.

    I'm a simple citizen. My crimes are committed for me by the system. My politicians. My corporations. My police. If I protest, nobody listens.

    I'm a public servant. The Man pays me, and The Man claims back taxes and duties and fees and takes his cut on all I buy and all I do.

    Will tearing down cameras give me more or less freedom? If The Man needs to buy more cameras - who will pay for them in the end?

    I think we need to re-invent internal freedom. The external one is shrinking day by day.

    I think .no people cherish The Big Outdoors because it is unregulated. I think I myself go to work by bicycle because of the freedom: If the road is blocked, I can always lift the bike over a fence or up a flight of stairs. The car people are restricted.

    Taking away cameras in subway trains is really helping violent criminals and pickpockets. Give me journalists who ask the right questions instead. On TV. In prime time.

    Or give me the moon.

Re: Re: camover 2013 (04/02/13 20:53:05) Reply

costs (06/02/13 02:23:28) Reply
    "Taking away cameras in subway trains is really helping violent criminals and pickpockets."

    The cameras, of course belong to the real violent criminals & pickpockets - the psychopaths of the state. Stop paying for them, demand your taxes go towards a free press & other disinfectants.

    Fight violent criminals with force not compassion. The no-go zones are expanding in Norge, resistance is not futile, yet...

    Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.

Forever Young (04/02/13 21:32:45) Reply

come again

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