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a sound from the past? (06/02/13 21:30:01) Reply
    maybe some of you know the band Nickelback, maybe from the song
    When We Stand Together?
    Now listen to the beginning of Trying Not to Love You, the first twenty bars or so.
    Does this touch a string (guitars) in your memory?

Re: a sound from the past? (07/02/13 20:37:05) Reply
    Interesting band.


    'nuff said?

Re: Re: a sound from the past? (07/02/13 20:46:31) Reply
    Yes, thank you very much

Yes (a salute to GoW) (08/02/13 21:00:25) Reply
    It's long ago, but fresh as ever.


    (In Brittanny it may be a safe ethnopatriotic song. In Ireland it isn't; It's a

    March into trouble


Time for resurrection (09/02/13 13:24:28) Reply
    "Throw down the sword,
    The fight is done and over,
    Neither lost, neither won.
    To cast away the fury of the battle
    And turn my weary eyes for home.
    There were times when I stood at death's own door
    Only hoping for an answer.
    Throw down the sword,
    And leave the glory -
    A story time can never change.
    To walk the road, the load I have to carry
    A journey's end, a wounded soul.
    There were times when I stood at death's own door
    Only searching for an answer."

    It's really time for throwing down the sword. We've had far too much of it; we've had far too much of the illusion that violence solves problems. For a brief interval, perhaps - but the evil returns, and stronger than before. Give me a real peace movement and free us from the thugs, whatever they call themselves.


come again

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