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Mushroom poisons (09/02/13 20:10:45) Reply
    It's way past the mushroom season - except for what is still left in freezers or other storage.
    This site is a nice one. I'm sure Google will help those who don't read German.


A course of horse (17/02/13 16:38:40) Reply
    There is a distinct flavour of organised crime in those stories about frozen foods declared as cattle ut containing horse. Fravia's supermarket lessons had something about bottled water, but nothing about frozen lasagnas.

    Centralised food production increases the money to be earned by faking certificates, just as bribery becomes more effective and cheaper if you buy the prime minister instead of the local policeman.

    When the bubble bursts, there should be a convenient fall guy to take the blame.

btw bottled water (17/02/13 18:41:22) Reply
    I have sometimes had the privilege of being served Italian bottled water. Reading the label is not recommended. You will see frightening values of nitrate - indicating that the water is coming from wells in agricultural districts. Mineral water - sure - but more mineral than you would imagine, and definitely more than you would like.

    The taste isn't any good either.

    So a thought goes to the peasants of Bangladesh, whose mineral water contains one of the least desirable of food minerals: arsenic.

    In such a light, phenylbutazone-trace-containing lasagna is no problem. When I served my military service as a doctor in 1980, phenylbutazone was the standard drug for sports injuries in the Norwegian army. I coped with that in my own way and gave the soldiers naproxen instead. The most common injury was anterior compartent pain(tibialis anterior syndrome)


    where no pills help. I didn't know, but experience taught me.

    So I took a lot of the battalion out of marching service and had to explain it to the lieutenant-colonel and his officers (and demonstrated it on my own leg (stood on a chair, put my foot on the table and pulled up my trouser leg to show them the muscles and mechanics. That day I had nicely polished boots, so the demonstration convinced them)).

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