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I will say this only once... (22/02/13 12:05:37) Reply
    If there's any other way for you, for Us, here, to help the Widow, the Children: what are we waiting for??

    'Adsense', 'commercial adds', whatever, right here, right now!!

    "We" may, personally, do not deserve it, but DO LET'S DO IT, be doing it, outright!

    Everything is, like some say, and as I like to "think" it myself, in the intent itself...

    ("We" think that we know, that we do know very well , what it means to be... a free man; it's never that "times" are hard, its "men")

AND, " What it takes..." :) (n/t) (22/02/13 12:26:07) Reply
"What it means to be"

Crises and non-crises (22/02/13 22:20:16) Reply
    There is a pension and all reason to believe that the economy is taken care of by The Man - paradoxical as it may be in the light of his attitudes towards The System.

    If someone need help - I would suggest that our brothers and sisters in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy - to name a few - would be more needy targets of post-Fravian creativity than Fravia's family. DQ/OXO might be better informed.

    Creating jobs. Creating new products - and maybe crowdfunding their development and pilots. European creativity is being stifled by bureaucracy, and funding is stifled by bureaucracy too. So how about making the Fravia lab into a real workshop where physical values are created? Crowdfunding is done for games development and music, so why not for IT products? I refuse to believe that the Raspberry Pi is the last say in bottom-up development.

That is a great idea (24/02/13 00:24:40) Reply
    THe problem is... well crowfunding are business as well.They take a percentage from the total ammount. And manage everything would be complicated.

Re: That is a great idea (24/02/13 22:09:24) Reply
    Any good idea must start with studying the literature


    SO much for administrative structure. Then: Which product? Seed exchange rings have already been invented - and there is no profit for the parcicipants, except for the pleasure.

    It will not make 5 million jobs.

come again

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