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Unemployment in Europe (23/02/13 22:19:37) Reply
    I read with horror the unemployment figures for young people of Southern Europe. There is all reason for political protest.

    What to be done? Who am I to answer - but perhaps.

    My country is ridden with political correctness and New Public Management - meaning that sharing money is better than earning money (which is taken for granted), and management is more valued than work. This country pays out annually about 1% og GBP in developmental aid - and most of it is a disaster because it ends up in corruption - lining the pockets of the Bosses.

    But there is one - maybe one single -project that was a success, according to my sources. It was an educational programme - teaching the technics of taxing Big Business of Kenya.

    The target was the mining industry - so instead of exporting all the profits - a sizeable portion of it ends in the Kenyan National Treasury. And it's their own money - all of it - and earned by themselves.

    So - the lesson to be learned from the cold North could be: tax those who have money. I can tell you from experience that my government knows the howtos. .no has oil, but the oil companies are taxed to the limit - which is a little bit below the level that would have discouraged them to go on investing. And simple salary earners - like myself - feel the presence of effective tax collection plus a VAT of 25% and extreme duties on cars and alcohol (that's the moralism and political correctness in two words - not forbidden, just taxed to the limit).

    Don't let the lobbies rule the country. You can't afford it. Neither can the US of A.


Re: Unemployment in Europe (24/02/13 00:32:03) Reply
    Here we haven't political correctness... we are ruled by a oligarchy of amazingly rich people who abide in the shadows, while their dogs (the two main parties) steal as much money as they can. That's how we do here. LOL

Re: Unemployment in Europe (24/02/13 21:13:41) Reply
    my impression is, that the -zone is in a kind of civil war:
    'It feeds the rich while it buries the poor'
    where .de is the rich (unemployment/national product/yield of tax) & the south european countries are (& will stay [austerity]) the poor.

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