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Banning alcohol? (18/03/13 18:34:52) Reply
    Black market alcohol will then be available - with the risk of some very dangerous quality problem.
    According to my source this outbeak in Libya is the worst outbreak ever recorded.
    The latest news says 90 dead and about 1000 injured.


Banning common sense (25/03/13 19:18:35) Reply
    "In spite of their differences, Ibn Khaldun continued to correspond with Ibn al-Khatib, and several of these letters are cited in his Autobiography. He also tried to save his friend when, largely as a result of court intrigue, Ibn al-Khatib was brought to trial, accused of heresy for contradicting the ‘ulama, the religious authorities, by insisting that the plague was a communicable disease. His situation can be compared with that of Galileo nearly three centuries later, but with a less happy outcome: Ibn al-Khatib was strangled in prison at Fez in the late spring of 1375."


Banning music (27/03/13 16:51:51) Reply
    I read today about one of the musicians at this Easter's Inferno festival (Black metal - what else)


    Black metal music is strictly forbidden in such countries. Standard lyrics would be classified as blasphemous, with the usual consequences.


Digging music (29/03/13 17:50:26) Reply
    Specially to ritz


    (I have the vinyl, of course)

    Ah, Dutch progrock! Recipe: Formal education in music, a flute player and a guitar player who can play long solos.


come again

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