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Revisiting - this time physically (28/04/14 17:16:00) Reply
    In January 1974 I predicted the Portuguese revolution 25th that year


    - so I've felt some emotional attachment to it. So the other week me and the siblings and all partners took an anniversary trip to Lisboa - with guides within the family.

    It was a touch with multiple layers of history - the sea travel stories - Diaz, da Gama, a king, the colonies, the fish, the Brazilian drinks and meat.

    "This 30-meter high obelisk was designed by António Thomaz da Fonseca and was erected in 1886 in memory of the country's liberation by the Restauradores who put an end to 60 years of Spanish domination in 1640. The bronze figures on the base of the obelisk symbolize Victory and Liberty. The monument also bears the names and dates of the battles during the Portuguese Restoration War."


    The years listed on the obelisk are unpleasantly close to those in Yalom's Spinoza book - "Spinoza" was a Portuguese name, and Jews or converted Jews had a very hard time then.

    So some anniversaries of victory or progress are anniversaries of defeat.

    Not so much for the Carnation revolution. Losing colonies and dictatorships - methinks it's a good thing well worth a celebration on the very hotspots.

25th April (n/t) (28/04/14 17:17:37) Reply

It may belong to the story (29/04/14 16:38:37) Reply
    This year is the 200th anniversary for the .no constitution - made with inspiration from the US and France and Poland. It states that neither Jews nor Jesuits were allowed. The Jew chapter was removed after some decades of lobbying, but the Jesuits were banned considerably longer.

    It's only a few years ago that the state religion was abandoned. In my school time there were prayers in school every morning and every last lesson.

    So the latency between Spinoza's writings and the impact in Norway was some 400 years.

Re: Revisiting - this time physically (01/05/14 15:30:00) Reply
    Thanks e.

    But hay!

    Nine -


    '74 ?? !!


    (More than) Halcyondays

    for me as a child

    even (or *specially*) from this perspective


    Thanks again,


    All is not


    ("yet" :)

    That '74 still does sound sooo "familiar" ;) ,

    we must believe :)

    (Btw, sorry bout the "shit" here, all of you.
    whod needed it after all)

come again

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