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Contemplating out loud (04/05/14 11:51:03) Reply
    Contemplating out loud, for the past couple of weeks gravity has been stuck in my mind, when one thinks of a world with no gravity one may tend to think of space, science is a continues work in progress were one individual improves upon the others works, generally speaking

    "Newton's Principia formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation, which dominated scientists' view of the physical universe for the next three centuries. By deriving Kepler's laws of planetary motion from his mathematical description of gravity, and then using the same principles to account for the trajectories of comets..."


    The point that I am trying to get at is that, before understanding had progressed to the level of Newton, they must have been a time where people were either ignorant of gravity or they might have thought of it as something else
    (they weren't flying of every where as would happen in space), the absense of an understanding of gravity highlights the knowledge capabilities (used or unused) of the primitive man in the sense that in space they is no gravity, and that the clearer the past the more we can understand our future.

    To conclude gravitation is understood by all who are on earth (what goes up must come down), to even ask about it, you would get odd stares, its become part of what one would call common sense, but what startles me the most is that even with this knowledge or common sense as some might put it, we hold are view with such arrogance that it clouds such understanding that all our knowledge springs from the same river.

Re: Contemplating out loud (04/05/14 13:24:49) Reply
    being "who i am," i just wanted to point it out that

    you, yourself

    (or svd, i.e.)

    are simply

    Great (Players) !

    (together with all the Others, of you, here :)

    thanks :)


but why not, after all :) (04/05/14 13:44:46) Reply

btw, (04/05/14 14:51:46) Reply





    "My ambition in life is to see at least one miracle

    before i die




    we'll give Him at least


    of these


    (cos he deserves...)


    the first is -


    the second -

    or vice versa -


    , himself


    (lets not forget however that the Real 'Trick'
    may be exposed
    or so)

Re: btw, (04/05/14 21:49:48) Reply
    If for some reason you want to have those utube vids, probably others' too,
    'http://keepvid.com' is for now your friend.

    (this, just for informational purposes only of course ;)
    Namely, theyve started splitting "their" stuff into smaller chunks so it cant be rescued from the browser cache easily as it used to be

    who cares :)


sorry, just forgot... (04/05/14 21:56:35) Reply
    In case its not clear from the site, you must have 'Java' installed/enabled for this to work,


another option (05/05/14 13:06:27) Reply
    no need for Java, works fine under Firefox:

    (KeepVid is 2nd, though, which means it's great too).

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