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Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (27/01/13 03:58:16) Reply
    I was looking for an old essay and realized all the main mirrors are down. Anyone still trying to keep them alive? Laurent/DQ/Anyone else?

Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (28/01/13 18:02:39) Reply
    still alive:

    what I would recommend (after following my own advice, that is ;-) is to get a zipped archive of everything and use it offline:

    Perhaps somebody somewhere will upload the archive to I2P too - I do not know how to do that yet.
Backward Soviet

Re: Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (29/01/13 16:06:57) Reply

Re: Re: Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (02/02/13 03:17:07) Reply
    The one that frightens me the most is the forum being down.

    The website and forum were quite inextricably linked, I hope there is a backup of the forum somewhere.

    Missing the old days again...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (05/02/13 11:35:12) Reply
    Do someone have a zipped archive of the forum?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (05/02/13 17:02:40) Reply
    I have a copy. Some of it is compressed with svd's cleaned and reconstructed ain.exe, and I've checked: the program is in the zip.

    You can have my copy as it is: I can send it to you - but you will have to find out the rest for yourselves or from experts.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fravia's domains/sites inactive? (11/02/13 19:20:13) Reply
    Hi all, it's been a long time.

    It is pretty weird to see that commercial web page on searchlores.org. Can't we fix it?

should i react, agan, or.. :) (16/02/13 18:11:30) Reply
    Hi mhyst,

    so glad to hear from you again

    as you already know, there's some killer nuking apps around to "fix it"

    but, why bother.

    i mean, an internet without "spammers" isn't the real seeker's habitat, to paraphrase fravia+, we can tell the difference and, to boot, vulgus vult decipi anyway.. ;)

    but one day maybe, who knows..

    All the best :)
the "whisperer"

Re: should i react, agan, or.. :) (17/02/13 03:37:47) Reply
    Thanks for your reply.

    May spam flow freely. But not seizing over our own home!
    I've tried to buy the domain name, but it asks for user and password. So I suppose only the person who created the site can renew it.

    All the best for you as well :D

Re: Re: yes, you do have a point (17/02/13 20:29:28) Reply
    btw, being pretty powerless (not just lazy :) what I've been trying here is mainly to "pay homage" to you (and other seekers here), hence my shortness of "full insight" maybe :)

    so best I can do for now is say: in any case let's *at least* hope for the better/best :)

Re: Re: Re: yes, you do have a point (17/02/13 20:43:41) Reply
    Well, I'm not saying you or others are short. Not at all. On the contrary. I'm sorry if my nonsense offended you.

    And yes, let's hope for the better/best :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: yes, you do have a point (17/02/13 22:48:19) Reply
    noo, I didn't mean that at all!

    There was NOT any offence, "nonsense", or the like, from you, mhyst!

    ("shortness" here is nothing more than one of my own unfortunate "devices" and personal "constructs" , kind of ridiculous :)

    *You "just" were right*, that's all I wanted to convay and that's it! ;)

    Thanks and

    Be well!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: btw, (17/02/13 23:44:22) Reply
    It's the good news to hear that "they" (at todays "searchlores", I mean) are not merely wasting other people'work/efforts, seeing that, as you yourself said, they still require valid credentials to be provided (by a newcomer) to reactivate the site.

    (Or they just can't figure it out how to bypass it :)

    Anyway, and mostly due to certain respect I bear toward certain people, here, personally I for one would NOT be trying to go for (read "steal") these creds, even if I *were* able to.
    I just do like to think that those 'dangerous guys' will have taken "care" of all this for us :))

    Kindest Greets

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: btw, (18/02/13 01:44:14) Reply
    OK, I tend to misunderstand people, LOL and more if I'm not using my mother tongue. Sorry for that. That's OK now. :)

    According to whois... it is now in AUTO RENEW PERIOD status... the expliration date is january the 20th, 2014. And look the email address they're showing: searchlores.org@domainlistingagent.com

    Looks like they seized the domain name and want money for it. There is even a bid interface... current bid is 1075. Really sucks. This people deserves seeing their web defaced. :)

I wrote them a kind email (18/02/13 02:11:27) Reply
    What if we perform a DOSS attack to their IP:

    It's very simple, just download LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon) not sure if you can find the program for linux... will check. We put the D day and H hour, point and fight. LOL

Re: with all due respect, I wouldn't. Sorry, (18/02/13 15:24:35) Reply
    at least not yet, and not *even if*, again, I was adept at such things.

    The people who were more close to f+ may have the keys and may settle it all more elegantly and more painlessly than humble me :)

    Let'em take their time.

    Btw, yea, much LOL over here too, that "ion canon".. sounds like coming with some space shuttle or something :))
    Is it Nomen est omen?!

    (Please, just don't resent it if I cease replying here for some time to come :))

Re: Re: with all due respect, I wouldn't. Sorry, (20/02/13 20:56:15) Reply
    That program has been used by Anonymous "hackers" from all over the world to take down a lot web services. it's a denial of service basic attack. But it needs as many people as possible to be effective.

    There are other ways, but I'll wait to see if it's fixed by the right people, as you ask me. :)


......if I may (20/02/13 16:31:38) Reply
    I would(ahem)advise against DDOSing the new owners of the searchlores name. I take for granted that they have played by the rules. The Web is run by companies needing to make money from their ownerships and efforts. So they are entitled to according to the law. You may feel offended on Fravia's behalf. Let me put it sternly as becomes an old man: Fravia's legacy isn't a religion. There is nothing blasphemous about wanting to make money from it. Also - AFAIK F+ was as much of an atheist as anyone.

    And even if putting Searchlores for sale were illegal: YOU ARE NOT THE POLICE. So keep your fingers off the trigger and put away the gun. Don't even think about it.

yes, e, you *also* do have a point, again :) (n/t) (20/02/13 21:29:58) Reply
keep you all up the good work

Re: ......if I may (20/02/13 22:28:43) Reply
    I'm not religious either. But this smells. I wasn't ever a close friend to him... and I appear to be the only one that feels shame about this.

    Please, let me alone. I'll go wherever my heart takes me. With or without your "help".

Re: I just wanted to "reconcile" us here. silly me? (21/02/13 02:11:45) Reply
    I just didn't want to or couldn't read e's post above with more mind or heart of mine than as usual, so to speak, as to try not break something here..
    So it is what it is.. sorry, or not..

    But, after mhyst's reaction, seems to me, now I can only hope that "putting searchlores on sale" was not anyhow initiated by the people who were around fravia? Or was it?!

    Couldn't believe this..
•keep you all up the good work

I don't know (21/02/13 04:20:50) Reply
    I sincerely don't know if anyone related to F+ is using the domain for money... Can't tell, but... I don't understand e's deffense of them. "Commercial bastards" have allways been the enemy. He passed his life fighting them and fighting to keep his sites online. ¿So now we have to ignore this?

    And let's consider... who, you think, would be interested in paying for searchlores domain? Perhaps one of us? So someone is trying to make money from us. Don't you see the offense? Because I can understand that somebody forgot to pay the damn bill and others took the chance to seize the domain. That for granted. But... I can't understand your defensive position here. What is your interest here? Personal? Please, put it clear so we can understand (at least I need to understand).

Whatever (21/02/13 20:58:13) Reply
    Paying for the site: Remember that Fravia left a widow with children - now students, I suppose - and they have bills to be paid. AFAIK Fravia's wife was never part of the searchlores project, and I think her priorities should be respected.


    Pride and shame; honour and disgrace; revenge and retaliation: IMHO those words are key to the eternal in-fighting - zero sum games - that keep some countries in eternal misery and poverty. Success comes from work and collaboration.

    Fravia promoted knowledge, not symbols. Searchlores, as he made them, are not eternal truths. There is a world full of knowledge that did not exist when Fravia died. There is plenty for all, and if we don't keep up, others, with other goals, will do it for us.

Re: Whatever (22/02/13 05:34:53) Reply
    Forgive me, but if I remember well, searchlores server was held for a F+'s friend. The server is still up and running (search.lores.eu) and a domain name isn't a pain at all... to pay for. ¿9€? So... yes, I feel sorry about the family, but this is not the case. I don't know what happened exactly. If you know it for sure, inform us, but If you're just supposing... Well, you are in your right to suppose what you want.

    Anyway, I don't want to start a war here. We should be friends or at least neutral. LOL. Let's forget the whole thing.

    Someone said this is not seeker's messageboard, and he's right. I should stop bothering people here.

    Sorry for all the hassle.

Re: Re: Whatever (22/02/13 18:36:53) Reply
    No wars. The sign on top of the message board applies.

Re: I don't know (21/02/13 21:02:43) Reply
    there might be a history.
    For example, i created & owned ebmb.net, .org & .com for some years, but after a period of more than one year out of work, i couldn't afford this no longer.

I for one, (21/02/13 10:19:08) Reply
    came here as an (uninvited) guest, not "to stay" anyway, without much illusion to seek out much satisfaction or "answers" here, been lingering over and now I guess I should leave, as such, anyway.
    (but always been hoping for "the best", as I am still now, btw)

    Not sure, however, with how much (un)pleasant taste in the mouth I'm leaving..


    my Regards,

    (to whom it may concern)
"keep you all up the good work"

Re: I for one, (22/02/13 05:20:17) Reply
    Hey, don't leave!

    Ok, I think this was a misunderstanding... so I give up my quest against the "enemies". Please, I never intended to say anything against you. Sorry if my bad english led us to this much nonsense. Let's forget about this stuff.

    I offer you my apologies. Sorry.

    PS.: And, please, don't feel forced to leave. If for one has to leave is me, not you.

Re: Re: I for one, (22/02/13 09:45:44) Reply
    Hi mhyst :)

    That was "just" me :)

    Neither am I compelled to leave, neither should you (because of this), nor is your lang bad, on the very contrary! :)
    (You should believe this, see me going to "great lengths" to tell you this? Something I am very reluctant to do usually ;)

    Also, no schmaltz, you "taste" mostly as a good man :) And very knowledgable, btw.

    And please, don't appologize too much, you *were*, and are, (also) in the right.
    (I must know, I've been doing that myself :)

    Maybe, *probably*, They still should have told us already before all we're getting to know, only now...

    It may be painfull, but anytime there may come a time, for "whatever" personal reasons, to quit, and depart, preferably, "like men" :)

    Let's get over it
    and, then,
    who knows... ;)

    All the best to you and all :)

Re: Re: Re : And before I really quit it (22/02/13 16:26:16) Reply
    You, as a good one seems to me, do take care of "monsters", even here.

    Real ones.

    Even when, they are "playing Bach",

    or "Bethoven" ;)


    et salvavi... :)

    See you,



    in the Sun :)

Re: Re: Re: Re : And before I really quit it (22/02/13 20:58:00) Reply
    OK, wherever you go, be well and happy! :)
    And feel free to return if you want to.


There is a future (22/02/13 23:06:47) Reply
    To me some of you sound like disillusioned Southerners, brutally hit by the financial crises. There isn't much I can do to help practically - but I could remind you that history is cyclical, with ups and downs. The experience of the last few hundred years is that cycles are shorter than they used to be. Also: The number of gifted people who have had education and upward mobility owing to skills and diligence is higher than ever.


    "The light in the end of the tunnel

    may be you."

    Have a soothing weekend - and you are most welcome back.
    Friends always are.

Re: subject no.1: thank you very much; subject no.2: to mhyst, e, Nemo, Moonman, stiletto... to all people here or away now in fact! (23/02/13 11:03:48) Reply
    What kind of "Hand" was it, to summon up all of such... "Creatures", together?! :)

    Certainly, Something much stronger than a "wand" ;)

Re: There is a future (23/02/13 11:26:13) Reply
    How about, 'all work and no play makes little Jack a... what'? :)

    Fortunately for me, say I "just" had... ""luck"", muself

    But first of all, and without any "say", I did have My... ... :)))

    to Whome, I do "own" (as meaning the very least here)

me again

Re: Re: There is a future (23/02/13 11:44:12) Reply
    Still, calling "this" 'disillusioned'

    would rightly return an error

    to say the least :)

    Come..on ...

me again

And again! LOL (n/t) (23/02/13 23:35:48) Reply

come again

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