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Hey e, btw... (23/02/13 20:07:19) Reply
    Remember our discussion some time ago (at the Seekers') on win7 search?
    (you must ;)

    In the meantime, I found out that some of those index.dat files (in 'hystory', for instance, and ones I/we've been concerned about the most in fact),starting from IE7/Vista, are emptied whenever the user normally clears the cache, unlike before (although, as it seems, some entries therein may persist if once used by other applications, like Outlook or the like)

    Anyway, seems to me, once this dat file is even completely removed from the system (via dos, for instance), Explorer ie. the 7 itself continues to operate flawlessly, without it :)

    For some/more info (though not from the real "team" there, seems to me) see


@ mhyst (23/02/13 20:41:20) Reply
    See how obedient (to your word, of wisdom) I can get? :)

    I am still here, as you asked,

    and not leaving

    yet :)

    more regards

Re: @ mhyst , btw... (23/02/13 21:28:58) Reply
    Hows your search engine? :)

    I remember I still do owe it some tries (at least one ;)

    Never got round to it till now, sorry.
    But will certainly do :)

w3s is still working (24/02/13 00:13:22) Reply
    But I recognize that you must know what you are doing. If I could do it for dummies... it would be great. LOL

    Btw, I'm happy seeing you "still" here. LOL :)

    And about Windoze indexes and the lot (who knows what's under the hood?) I gave up and went to ubuntu 12.10. It's a really simple installation. No pain at all. And the desktop is mostly like Windows. Ju just need to read about Unity and how to get the most from it, and you've done with Windows for all.

    Well, perhaps you can't leave Windows for some reason. Then install a dual boot Windows/Ubuntu. Installation will do it for you as well. But seriously, since i turned my back to Windows, I never needed it again. I've been hable to handle all my stuff with Ubuntu.

    Those fearsome indexes can be stopped going yo your disks and stopping the index service on them. http://www.ehow.com/how_7448765_delete-index-windows-search-service.html

    You shouldn't use Windows Search Engine to find your files. There are tons of good and little applications for that.

Re: w3s is still working (24/02/13 07:38:23) Reply
    Thanks for your words.

    Yes, I am aware that you need/needed to "tailor" it for some special, picky "audience", in a "special" place, hence your work must be harder ;)

    Regarding windows, let's say I just like some "challenges" there (but not sure if I need even computers any more ;)

    Best regards

Smartphones and tablets then? (24/02/13 16:33:49) Reply
    If you are using smartphones and tablets instead... well there are plenty issues with privacy as well. Take care. :)

    Best regards

Re: Hey e, btw... (23/02/13 20:43:59) Reply
    Then I understand your worries. No OS is above suspcion for phoning home - except, perhaps, Gentoo (and Sabayon).

    How large is the index? Is there reason to think that it is transferable when Windows phones home to check the license, or when idling (such as when the owner goes to the toilet?)

hehe.. (23/02/13 21:21:07) Reply
    They've built-in some pretty nice "unix-like" tools themselves for the user to pay more control to his own mis,behaviours, seems to me ;)

    But, seriously, as they say it, noone can save you from yrself :)

    Thanks for the reply :)

If you feel they're cheating... (24/02/13 00:18:35) Reply
    Install WireShark or EtherCap and sniff them for good. Start sniffing when you are about to visit the toilet if you want. And then, when you're back, stop it and check the results. Windows is always busy.

hobble svchost.exe (24/02/13 17:53:37) Reply
    With a good firewall one can restrict svchost.exe to only have access to port 53 for DNS lookups (and port 123 for NTP if you want it).

    then one can delete any indexing, cataloging or other spying files at will.

    one must allow svchost tcp port 80 for windoze updates - but if you delete the spy files before updating there's nothing to report.


Re: hobble svchost.exe (24/02/13 18:44:11) Reply
    You can take a look to services liying in svchost easily using this command in the command prompt:

    tasklist /svc

    It's quit a lot of information, but you can save that in a file (tasklist /svc > filename) and search the web to see what are these hidden processes for.

    And you have even taskkill to solve your differences with them. :)

    Setting up a good firewall is a good idea too. Just don't use Windows firewall.

Seeing that I started this thread, maybe I should attempt to close it as well :) (25/02/13 17:52:03) Reply
    First @ mhyst: I "knew" you're good, I just didn't think you're that good :)
    Thanks for mentioning 'tasklist' and refreshing my pretty bad memory..
    Killer utility really, and yet out of the box, from powerdevelopers to "powerusers", I'd say..

    Still, can I smell a little contradiction with you here ;)
    I mean, I wouldn't dismiss Windows firewall (at least xp one) that easily;
    after all, could it be that bad when it's same make (if not model) as "our" tasklist, being so "unobtrusive" and to the point ;)
    (Of course, your consideration could purely be 'privacy'..)

    Regarding fones etc., probably the less "brain" it has the better, could be useful for some "reconnaisance work", being pretty "non-responsive" to somebody else's beck, and still capable of performing some "mischiefs." :)

    Second, just fyi, here,

    windows 7 search - "crackt"

    I've just been making a point of it, mostly out of own "security" (and, so to speak, even "legacy") concerns, that's all.
    As you'll already know *if* you've ever been seriously using it, this search application, or whatever, is, in its "default" state, very selective about what it comes up with while searching, specially regarding so-called system files/folders and this behavior is, I'm sure, "by design", "they"'d intended for it to work exactly the way it normally does (but, seems to me, also somehow "allowed" for such a poor man's resolution as this :)

    Anyway, now its dun :)

    (I may tell you more details sometime, if interested, at the Seeker's messageboard. For now suffice it to say that this "tweak" is not 'programmatical' one nor does it employ changing control settings (but, from a "cracker's point of view", it's only important that it works ;)

    Last, but by no means least,
    We should by no means ever feel easygoing about all this whats going on with and about Fravia's Legacy!
    I'm not saying we do.
    I'm saying we must try, try and try again to come up with some more acceptable solution to all.
    Especially you among "us", if any, who are more powerful in that respect...
    etc... etc...
    (Fravia would probably be thinking of, so to speak, "liquidating" us for all this)

    Thanks and best regards

Microsoft Firewall (25/02/13 19:43:09) Reply
    Some reasons why not to use Windows Firewall
    1. It was made for dummies and that makes the UI confusing for people that knows what they are doing.

    2. One can never know about how much vulnerabilities abide inside it. Something that people use, is a hacker's target.

    3. You can't tell for sure if they placed a back door inside.

    3. There are plenty solutions out there.

    If you have an old PC, Install an old Debian or Light Debian and learn how to use iptables. If you can afford 125, you can buy a NAS and set it up as your firewall among other things. If you preffer to avoid the hassle, you can use COMODO Firewall.

    I'm deeply concerned about Fravia's legacy... but I don't know what can I do to help it. First of all, we should take care of seeker's messageboard and then talk about it there. We've tried to make a wiki like site, but Fravia' site is so big and so labyrinthic... that it's really difficult to do it without doing it by hand, file by file. At least I never came up with a proper solution. But we can do something easier. Put someone (or a group of seekers) in charge for the site. We need to keep the site alive and for that we need to be able to update it. New essays and papers could be submitted to a group of us to decice if they deserve to be on Searchlores. If someone have a better idea? Please

ok, still to avoid any possible confusion here.. :) (25/02/13 21:27:26) Reply
    Only the first part of my post above was "addressed" exclusivelly to you.

    The rest was for the whole board here :)

    Bye :)

Re: ok, still to avoid any possible confusion here.. :) (25/02/13 22:38:47) Reply
    I know. I was just expressing my ideas.
    But if I'm not welcome for that, It's OK, no problem.

    Anyway... I don't see a crowd answering here. Perhaps it is because of my unwanted presence here.

    Bye :)

No no :) (26/02/13 05:21:35) Reply
    I personally like to hear from you (as I myself first greeted you some days ago here, remember? And e did something similar to us, both :)

    Ok, maybe I've just been slightly "reluctant" here, but mostly at the idea for "us" to "take over" the board, so to speak.

    (Regarding crowd answering, you'll remember something similar happening on seekers board having more often than not more "static dummies" than participants, with me being one of these statists myself :)

    Bye :)

OK, I understand! (26/02/13 05:43:31) Reply
    But the case it that seekers messageboard is down! This is the only remaining place were we can talk.

    But that's OK, I understand.


good boy! :) (26/02/13 15:47:26) Reply
    (Sorry about this (jet) lagging :)

    Another good news is that whatever I'm saying I always have one listener at least- me myself :))
    (Of course that, the more (captive) listeners ther's are, the better I may feel, like now ;)

    Thanks, Bye :)

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