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Fravia's legazy prospects (25/02/13 22:44:42) Reply
    I think we have to do something about it. But obviously, I'm just one seeker. I am not entitled to decide anything. I've never been the head of anything and I don't want to start now. So if you all decide to do something that requires my help, just write me here ( mhysterio (at) gmail (dot) com ).

    Best regards

Entitlements (26/02/13 19:58:05) Reply
    We have discussed this topic previously, with Kane as the main person. He wished to modernise Fravia's site. I argued against it: My opinion is that the site should be kept as Fravia made it - kept with the structures intact. The contents will be just as readable as they were, and the structure will be a reminder of the skills needed in the beginning of the internet era. New topics and articles and essays can be added into a more modern structure, with the old site as an appendix, accessible from the main entrance, as always.

    It is my thought that the world is moving fast forward or backward with respect to surveillance, privacy, marketing and advertising, religion, education and beliefs. New material needs to be added to keep up with the development. We need a site for it (sites are cheap nowadays - a number of gigabytes webspace at one.com is less than 50 per year, and I offer to be the subscriber if someone(s) in the know will write the scripts or the structure or whatever).

    A simple seeker, or nonseeker, is entitled to anything within the law. Sometimes the law protects the righteous.

Re: Entitlements (26/02/13 20:29:00) Reply
    That's OK, I will put the money and will help with the design.


    would it be a good name?

Re: Re: Entitlements (27/02/13 19:14:42) Reply
    Any name would do: the search engines will find it anyway.

    As with all websites: the problem will be how to recruit writers and how to maintain interest. Who could and would be editor of the various subsites - marketing, privacy, software, searches, security (who can spare the time from real life activities?) And how about legality: Fravia's site had some rather questionable advice - I think I remember something about credit card numbers.

Re: Re: Re: Entitlements (27/02/13 20:48:32) Reply
    I'm not going to copy fravia site. I'll link to it and will start from scratch. BTW, I'll be using a content management site. And I'll tell explicitly that I'm not Fravia. So I won't stain his name.

    Said that, it won't be a rigid structure, seekers opinions and collaborations are welcome. That's why I'm here and not going just on my own.

Re: Re: Re: Entitlements (27/02/13 23:36:04) Reply
    sorry but lately you seem too much concerned with ephemeras, like "legalities"..

    as "we" (should) know, with any learning tool the instruction is the influence of the instructor, not the tool.

    never mind :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: "I wouldn't condone the credit card fraud..." (27/02/13 23:55:37) Reply
    this snippet is as far as I can remember also fravia's
after all

unfortunately (27/02/13 17:51:33) Reply
    it's potential loss of the (historical) name that should be no less of a concern, imho.

    I know, I know...
not merely spoilsporting

Fravia's name (27/02/13 20:55:32) Reply
    I for all don't want to stain or damage Fravia name in no way.
    But ideas, suggestions and criticism are welcome.

    Let's fight together for friendship, freedom and all the good things we don't want to lose. :) Please, I know it's a big effort, but contribute when and in what you can. Fravia wouldn't ask you more.

    And... if we don't do something... his name won't be damaged and will be safe... yes, but then all what will come is: oblivion.

Re: Fravia's name  (27/02/13 23:07:12) Reply
    thanks for your dedication to this...

    still, I mean/meant the name of the site, searchlores, not fravia's

    but it's ok...
not merely spoilsporting

That name is already stained by commercial bastards! LOL (28/02/13 00:31:03) Reply
    I try to make this "official". But I don't pretent to be a guru. If you want the name to remain unstained, then help me. I wish not to stain it as well.

Re: That name is already stained by commercial bastards! LOL (28/02/13 00:57:21) Reply
    and this thread is some kind of calling to consensus

    if you don't have it in this case, you lose, anyway.

    there may be others here who still know better

    so just take it easy(er) and take your time :)
not merely spoilsporting

and before I really restrain myself a little (28/02/13 01:18:43) Reply
    I see your point above.

    but having not yet done any research into it myself, it's not clear, at least to me, if the name is already ("finaly") taken or just suspended, or pending, due to say default in payment, or something else.

    are you, can you be sure?
not merely spoilsporting

I'm sure (28/02/13 02:20:37) Reply
    Click on "Bid on this Domain Name now". First time I did, it said minimun bid 1032 euro. Now it says 69. That is after my email, I suppose. But yes, they want money, for sure.

Re: I'm sure (28/02/13 05:09:10) Reply
    well, ok but

    if they were/are the original provider, it (bidding) means nothing in fact,
    we still have to make difference?

No they aren't the original provider (28/02/13 16:40:59) Reply
    These people saw it down and took the chance for profit. That's it.

don't know, sorry.. (28/02/13 18:09:46) Reply
    btw, why are valid credentials still required to get hold of it, then..

    somethings definitely fishy there, and maybe all's not lost yet..

    (and 'me' "chose to be blessing people here with..." ;)

Re: don't know, sorry.. (28/02/13 18:20:35) Reply
    It's kinda confusing the whole thing. But that's the way commercial bastards do it.

just one more thing (28/02/13 18:29:58) Reply
    maybe, don't know, it should be wise(r) not to try to lower the bid anyway
    so making it more unaccessible or difficult/costly for others to get it in fact?

    now, if we can't have it.. ;)

Re: just one more thing (28/02/13 18:46:34) Reply
    now, *maybe* the better if not right thing to do would be in fact to try to *raise* the bid, enormosly ;))

    but, I don't know so I'm *not* suggesting anything (cos we/you could just make the matters worse)

uh, me..

Re: Re: just one more thing (28/02/13 23:24:36) Reply
    The wiser action is to wait. They have to pay the domain every year. So as the time passes they'll be losing money and will release our precious domain.

Fravia's legacy (27/02/13 23:37:47) Reply
    my suggestion:

    keep his things as he left them. frozen in amber of time.

    add on whatever you want, linking into his pages if needed, provide explanation and anecdotes, if you have. other might contribute.

    - there is not one truth, but many point of views, maybe many realities.
    - diversity is the engine of evolution.
    - we need to produce opinions, not just use them.
    - growing, becoming older and possibly wiser, is all about discovering and accepting change.

    a good idea is to keep size small and juice big, avoiding the "american manual syndrome" which insults readers intellect and sells by the page or by the Kg.


Re: Fravia's legacy (28/02/13 00:33:26) Reply
    I agree with you on all you said.

    Thank you. We'll try to do that. Let's see if people follow the lead. :)

Re: Fravia's legacy (28/02/13 00:33:55) Reply
    best thing would be to preserve real searchlores exactly under this name and only as "you last saw them"

    (just feeding the chickens and not touching anything else :)
of course

New Seeker's Messageboard (28/02/13 02:22:48) Reply

    The site is still void, but we have a forum!

Re: New Seeker's Messageboard (28/02/13 05:01:58) Reply
    that's "something" anyway, thanks :)

Re: New Seeker's Messageboard (29/05/13 20:54:42) Reply
    Looks like your new board is being spammed heavily...

Re: Re: why open this over again (30/05/13 09:37:24) Reply
    "Buy this domain The domain searchlores.org may be for sale by its owner!"

    mission accomplished :)
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