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Wrapped (22/12/13 20:31:44) Reply
    My friend the mathematician tells me and shows me that fun things of maths aren't taught in schools.

    "I have only come here seeking knowledge,
    Things they would not teach me of in college."

    Lots of interesting essays to make from that. We're sorely missing The Essays Editor - but are there any authors left?

    Anyway - call the Police.



Re: Wrapped (23/12/13 14:11:57) Reply
    are there any authors left

    Hell, yeah!

Wrapped (23/12/13 17:28:07) Reply
    Just trying to express it another way:

    maybe it's just mathematics without.. humanism

    and humanism without.. (you guessed it,) mathematics
    (to rephrase.. no, lets suppress it, you get that kind of my ceterum censio anyway, something about "fabrics" (not schools) of learning u know ;)

    All the best to all of you and yours in this season of the yer by the way :)

mathemagic (03/01/14 10:41:11) Reply
    Marcus Du Sautoy: a mathematician and a nice writer

    Arthur Benjamin: a great showman and a good mathematician

    Adam Spencer: Hunting large prime numbers
    2^(257885161)-1 is prime

    Digital Encryption: How NSA break codes
    You may have heard (due to Edward Snowden revelations) that NSA had planted over the years a number of eavesdropping services, on many communications channels. Even RSA (the security company owned by EMC who provides encryption services to protect bank transactions), was forced by NSA to use an easy-to-break encryption standard, basically flawed.



    "NSA paid RSA Security $10 million in a secret deal to use Dual_EC_DRBG as the default in the RSA BSAFE cryptography library, which resulted in RSA Security becoming the most important distributor of the backdoored algorithm.[2] The alleged backdoor would allow NSA to decrypt for example SSL/TLS encryption which used Dual_EC_DRBG as a CSPRNG."

    So far, and thanks for all your data...


forgot a link: how NSA is breaking most encryption on the internet (03/01/14 11:20:40) Reply
    I sent my previous message too early:

    September 5, 2013: The NSA Is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet
    The new Snowden revelations are explosive. Basically, the NSA is able to decrypt most of the Internet. They're doing it primarily by cheating, not by mathematics.


Re: forgot a link: how NSA is breaking most encryption on the internet (04/01/14 22:08:10) Reply
    Hardware implants, software injection, industrial espionage. I know cabinet ministers always leave their phones outside when they have cabinet meetings. So it's been known.

    What does a virus scan or safety scan tell the scanner company?
    We have heard that NSA had access to Windows crash logs as potential raw material for zero day exploits. What do the scanners search for in addition to virus signatures or nongovernmental trojan signatures?

    We see from the animal kingdom that there is safety in numbers. A zebra signature gets blurred if there are many zebras around. A single herring has no chance, but if it is hiding in a school of herrings, it does - until one of those huge whales swallows the entire school. If everybody sores nude selfies on the Web, then the damage potential of nude selfies diminishes severely. If homosexuality is legal and accepted, then the KGB cannot use that as a means for extortions.

    Reportedly, the three-letter agencies knew about Mohammad Atta and his med but did nothing. So - what did the NSA know about the perpetrators of - say - the Boston marathon terrorist action?

    To me the NSA looks a lot like a huge lab of geeky boys enjoying he fun of playing with frontline technology at an unusually generous budget. But - like in academics - the practical value isn't that important.

    So I believe it's a waste of money and talent. I know places where those would be much more useful.

Re: Re: forgot a link: how NSA is breaking most encryption on the internet (04/01/14 23:43:48) Reply
    na, i know no place, where those heerings would be usefull.

    Boston marathon terrorists are another story, .us agencies had got informations from .de agencies the classic way (Hey there are two dangerous guys...), but these information were ignored.
    Looks like nobody had time to follow the hints be cause of the amount of digital informations?

Analog vs digital (05/01/14 14:53:09) Reply
    AM radio is virtually extinct. I grew up with the transmitter in Stavanger. The boys could listen to the radio by attaching their diode and earphone to a chickenwire fence - no battery or amplifier needed. That's Tesla's wireless energy transmittance - although not the Wardenclyffe design.

    They say AM is obsolete and expensive. Is that all?

Analog vs digital (05/01/14 15:24:39) Reply
    AM radio is virtually extinct. I grew up with a large transmitter in the neighbourhood. The boys could listen to the radio by attaching their diode and earphone to a chickenwire fence - no battery or amplifier needed. That's Tesla's wireless energy transmittance - although not the Wardenclyffe design.

    They say AM is obsolete and expensive and had to go. Is that all?

Re: mathemagic (03/01/14 11:34:47) Reply
    How to create a "weak" standard?

    Placing an "emeritus" consultant in a respected place, and piloting him to support a flawed-on-purpose algorithm.

    Here is a thread about a Mathematician and Cryptographer being removed from responsability role in a very important security community, because of his status of NSA employee.


    CFRG=Crypto Forum Research Group

    [Cfrg] Requesting removal of CFRG co-chair

    To: irtf-chair at irtf.org, iab at iab.org, cfrg at ietf.org
    Subject: [Cfrg] Requesting removal of CFRG co-chair
    From: Trevor Perrin <trevp at trevp.net>
    Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 08:01:38 -0800
    Delivered-to: cfrg at ietfa.amsl.com
    List-archive: <http://www.irtf.org/mail-archive/web/cfrg/>
    List-help: <mailto:cfrg-request@irtf.org?subject=help>
    List-id: Crypto Forum Research Group <cfrg.irtf.org>
    List-post: <mailto:cfrg@irtf.org>
    List-subscribe: <http://www.irtf.org/mailman/listinfo/cfrg>, <mailto:cfrg-request@irtf.org?subject=subscribe>
    List-unsubscribe: <http://www.irtf.org/mailman/options/cfrg>, <mailto:cfrg-request@irtf.org?subject=unsubscribe>

    Dear IRTF Chair, IAB, and CFRG:

    I'd like to request the removal of Kevin Igoe from CFRG co-chair.

    The Crypto Forum Research Group is chartered to provide crypto advice
    to IETF Working Groups. As CFRG co-chair for the last 2 years, Kevin
    has shaped CFRG discussion and provided CFRG opinion to WGs.

    Kevin's handling of the "Dragonfly" protocol raises doubts that he is
    performing these duties competently. Additionally, Kevin's employment
    with the National Security Agency raises conflict-of-interest

Re: Re: mathemagic (04/01/14 11:20:59) Reply
    Thanks for debunking :)

    Don't lets forget, however, that even such things are still just 'codeable', so wherever you are presented with any 'Input' screen, injection (Herself, of any kind) also comes to mind..

    (but psssst bout this ;)

Re: Re: Re: mathemagic (04/01/14 11:43:38) Reply
    Btw, similar it is with 'spyware'

    just.. even earlier, upon finishing and exiting that genuine 'Setup' (specially 'bootable' one) your machine's probably not just your machine anymore ;)

Re: Re: Re: Re: mathemagic (05/01/14 11:04:53) Reply
    Would like to add..

    I'm NOT saying or contend that there really is a backdoor into say windows,
    my real intent was, seeing their "expertness", it could be done, by themselves
    (say, calling some other 'definable' function stead of one originally intended to be called; this as a nonprogrammers point of view, sorry :)

    One way or another, btw, even They themselves are not immune from certain annoying "diseases", e.g.:
    in IE 10, whytf made this start/stop button a combo one, why not leave these two buttons separate the way it was before:? (they mayv gone "fashionable" here, but a few things are more annoying than this to this user ;)

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