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Enjoy, and happy Xmas (24/12/13 11:22:37) Reply
    Einstein's Big Idea.
    Yesterday evening I watched a very nice documentary, in my opinion quite well done, about Albert Einstein intuition and about some of the many scientists that were working so that he had all he needed to crack reality and discover relativity.



Re: Enjoy, and happy Xmas (24/12/13 23:13:17) Reply
    Einstein's *probably*,just *probably*, OK

    at least, as along as he's NOT "telling god what to do" ;)

    Sorry, I must... :)
still for truths sake it seems to me :)

Re: Re: Enjoy, and happy Xmas (25/12/13 00:05:49) Reply
    And it's not "I must" as much as it's that I *have to*, seems to me..


    (Not) Sorry.

for truths sake

stings (27/12/13 08:25:32) Reply
    I also "*have to*" point it out, have to admit, "for truths sake" as well :q, that for some reason I may find myself believing even in greater "stupidities" than probably any socalled "religious moron", or anybody else for that matter, ever has, himself..

    I mean.. "contradictions" :)

    Without/hating to go(ing) into all this "hidden shit", as "Somebody" here (:) already criticized me, rightly so could be..,
    about the only thing that I can say in my own defense now, is that "we", believe, see these matters/beliefs as a real thing, and not something "beyond" it seems to me

    but, fuck it
    (do you agree :)

    Maybe I shouldn't.. but let's also confess it that I've always been considering "parting" with the "school of though" I'd "embraced" (one reason maybe for me *liking* to softsoaping myself as being "radically antidogmatic" about it all.. :)
    (Just dont take me, for, too serious :)

    Btw, if I still come up with "something" (new :q), next time I'll need to refrain from giving it out over here seems to me, almost certainly..

    (could have been fine without all this probably ..

    or, could I :)

    Thanks for understanding,

    still friends? :)

    Go your own way, and..

    Regards :)

metaphorically speaking (27/12/13 10:46:54) Reply
    Only one,


    or so men

    could offend the "emperor"

    (and, possibly, "get back" to him :)


    but thisis beginning to real stink, so..


Jesting (27/12/13 11:54:59) Reply
    The jester can say more than most
    Anything, but at a cost.
    He'll use joking as excuse and save his life when things gets rough
    and see the emperor take the credit if a good idea goes through

Re: Jesting (27/12/13 20:38:40) Reply

    of all people,

    again :))



    But it's a *real* miracle, how we cannot get each/one another, really :)

    D'you have a parent
    or a "turtle" ("blade runner", sorry ;)
    you are "always" coming back to them, no matter "quarreling" :)

    (a secret reveled, it's hardly logical :)

    Anyway, listenup: anyway :) , it all still was NOT about me, I do believe I am per tu with it (mind the very word - *real* ;) , its bout.. never mind, this time ;)


    please do not forget,

    are better at *real*



    thanks anyway very much for your ..."diluting" things here a little :)

    Real All the Best to You and Others Here, from me :)

    Maybe goodbye (nothing personal :)))
Uh :))) ;)

by the way (27/12/13 21:07:45) Reply
    speaking it all about the "emperor", I really meant: the Sid

    (may sound more familiar :)

    Anyway, my real thanks or real congratulations to you, for your great, and unthinkable to me, "game of association", really!
    (we need you! :)


but, lets do it, hic et nunk, as a proof of concept :) (27/12/13 21:45:25) Reply
    You post/reply to all this shit.... whatever :) you want...

    And I, "simply", don't care bout , don't give a ... :))

    I'm ready ;)


    Thanks very much, anyway :)

No, I still can't leave it at that... :) (28/12/13 07:29:02) Reply
    Seeing that all this including myself remained sketchy...
    (last time I was here I may have been a bit too drunk, to.., sorry ;)

    You see, its not about me coz I'd already "formed" myself the way I am before "embracing" all this shit.

    But, lets stop *being* a bit too selfish for a moment, to see:
    isn't it a pity that somebody, some evil genius somewhere, even a Dwarf of that Calibar (to rephrase Marx :)

    *this great property*
    of the real thing itself
    (for "our", ostensible, shortcomings)

    (which is *here* regardless of "believing" or not, I.. mean ;)

    Jesting aside thou however bonafide, lets rest assured that will have be done :|

didn't I tell you no more posts ? :) (29/12/13 11:26:34) Reply
    I lied.


    Again, thanks for your great understanding, really, for not replying to this shit..

    Fyi, think Ive still come up with something "breaking new" :) :

    they, "NUTS" ;), still do NOT respect "Reality" ("GOOOD" :) the way it *IS*/"WAS",

    let alone how IT could be... ;))

    not enough

    anyway ;)

    "We" feel so...

    Not enough, that's the "problem"

    Long live the Crackers!

    (to rephrase f+ :))

thinking without thinking (04/01/14 20:59:29) Reply
    let's still finish it
    where itd all got started, in the first place ;)

    speaking from heart
    (what we are best at, in real fact ;)

    Not about me?
    Even less about Marxism then...

    Better to be,
    very afraid

    evil per se

    Thanks :)

Near the bottom (30/12/13 18:51:30) Reply
    Winter lights dimming
    warm clouds are slimming
    Unfreezing snow is presenting as rain
    Coal fires burning
    Nobody's learning
    Rhetorical churning
    Where is the gain?

    Slippery sloppery difficult stoppery
    bloodshed and moppery
    Morgues fill up there
    Black or caucasian: why would we care

    Bombs and grenades
    while the daylighting fades
    Who by right
    Would think of summer
    such a winter night?

And errors traps abound (01/01/14 16:36:42) Reply
    Serious or not; old-time pop music had its brighter moments.


    So - while we're on the lighter side - we still have a few hours to be forgetful about famine, corruption, bankruptcy, dangerous working conditions and other horrors before 2014 descends on us.

    You want to destroy something in 2014? Don't wage wars on it - just feed it and let it rot.

come again

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