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Ice ages and interglacial periods; cooling and warming (25/01/14 12:15:58) Reply
    Ice ages are of profound interest to Norwegians because large parts of the landscape have been formed by glaciers. So many of us are reminded of it daily just by looking around. No fjords without an ice age. None of our valleys either. And the flat lands are to a great extent moraines - gravel and sand deposits stemming from glacial activity.

    We are now in an interglacial period. According to the .no Wikipedia page previous interglacial periods have been oscillating. According to the previous periodicity Earth would be due for a new ice age. If so, global warming would postpone or cancel it.

    Previous ice ages - well, much of the present bare land was covered in ice, and sea levels elsewhere could be 100 m lower owing to all the ice deposits on land. (that water would be saltier too, wouldn't it?)

    I believe we have goog reasons to be afraid of global warming because it may have quick and dramatic negative effects on water supply and food production. An ice age would come more slowly because buildup of large ice deposits on land is a lengthy and slow process. But a disaster nonetheless.



Re: Ice ages and interglacial periods; cooling and warming (25/01/14 21:29:30) Reply
    So - if we really have world leaders and not just wannabes - then they will now be in the process of making plans to cope with flooding, water shortage, crop development, preservation of arable land.

    Not much chance, I'm afraid.

Re: Ice ages and interglacial periods; cooling and warming (25/01/14 22:17:47) Reply
    "reasons to be afraid of global warming" i beg to differ, sounds to me like another form of taxation, even thou i appreciate the broadness of the topic and that some places are polluted and something needs to be done but man can never destroy the earth, we must just be a bit more conscious about the way we live our daily lives and i think we can survive :)

Afraid of global warming (25/01/14 22:54:22) Reply
    My point wasn't a sudden ban on carbon dioxide emissions or heavy taxes, but practical measures to cope with changes in natural water supplies (rainfall, rivers, lakes, aquifers), sustainable food production in highly productive areas as well as marginal areas, and energy for heating, cooking, transportation, metallurgy, computing - the works. Politicians seem to think that fiscal measures will do the job. I'm a techie, sort of, and think that technical solutions are far superior to financial ones because they do solve problems. And real technical solutions cannot cheat.

Re: Afraid of global warming (25/01/14 23:38:13) Reply
    So... you think there is a glacial era comming?

Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (26/01/14 18:03:03) Reply
    yeah.. somewhen in next 10000 years.

    ...the professor talks long about lifecycle of yellow dwarfs, and at the end says that our sun may die in about 10 billion years.
    - how much??? -- shouts one student, seemingly frightened.
    - 10 billion years.
    - oh, good, i heard 10 million..

Re: Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (27/01/14 20:02:20) Reply

    And what about the magnetic poles inversion? Some people say Earth will lost its magnetic protection for momentarily while the change takes place.

    Life has managed to survive to all ice ages and magnetic changes so far.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (28/01/14 19:25:27) Reply
    IMO it is food production and water availability that matters. The system now is a lot more vulnerable than it was 100 or 1000 or 10 000 years ago because the world population is a lot larger and therefore more stationary.

    Moving the population of Bangladesh in case of permanent flooding?
    164 million people

    To where?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (28/01/14 19:53:25) Reply
    I get the point. The USA will solve the overpopulation problem with a WWIII sooner or later. :(

    And then there will be enough so a few survivors will be able to continue wasting the Earth.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (28/01/14 22:45:57) Reply
    > to where?
    hah. Here's what i hunted last year.. it's still on sale:

    7.8 square km of native bushland. for $100k.
    water bore, el.power, road..
    and yesss, "allowed to clear 25 acres for a house"

    so move 'em. by small groups. of 100000 each.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Afraid of global warming (29/01/14 19:54:13) Reply
    Many years ago I was on a visit to Southern Russia near the Black Sea. Huge areas with good temperature, plenty of water (near the Don), and almost no activity. The soil in that area - I've read somewhere - could be 15-20 m deep (in .no there is no place with more than 1 m). Wonderful land for agriculture.

    I said: If you let me fetch 200 farmers from Jśren (southwest .no - those people have fetched the stones out of the moraine and made it very productive) and give me 10 years, we will have a Garden of Eden here. Hah, said the local. If you make something here, the mafia will come and take it over almost immediately.

    So it's politics and crime. Global warming might be a minor problem if the powers that be were honest.

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