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out of this or out or that (20/04/14 07:45:40) Reply
    it's been said, better to stay without the nose than to stay without some habits, so, but not only,

    a Happy Resurrection to you all :)

of course i do mean *Easter* (20/04/14 08:02:09) Reply
    "licentia poetica" or something

    (but familiarity is still here ;)

Re: of course i do mean *Easter* (21/04/14 11:32:08) Reply
    and of course, this probably was a mistake...


    my real intention was elsewhere in fact

    say I can't/couldn't stand that... "powerlessness"

    or just "Sorrow", alone...

    (and fyi if needed,
    'familiarity' will *always* stay here ;)

    'asf' is/was a very "human" music band ;)

    and I don't like "cloneRs" very much, *could kill* them :)

    they just *take*, or are allowed to, from Greater Masters ;) what they "need"

    ...the point, however, may be to

    *make it change* ;)

come again

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