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mobile spectrometer (01/05/14 21:08:51) Reply
    finaly.. one may has some chance to know which is what:


Re: mobile spectrometer (03/05/14 13:59:09) Reply
    Well - it's an infrared signature reader.
    I suppose drug addicts can use it to see whether it's e or amphetamine or methamphetamine, or whether it's heroin or crocodil, and maybe how much quinine there is in the heroin, or how much lidocaine there is in the cocaine, or the percentage of THC acid A content of a lump of hashish.

    It's a gadget for dodgy bars. I never willingly go such places, and if I did - I would use the gadget veeeery discretely. Those strong guys probably would not like it if I talked too loudly about the lidocaine content of the coke.

Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (03/05/14 21:20:13) Reply
    well i see it more as a *possible* kick to food mass-producers... who have in recent 30 years gone to great shits in order to increase profit then increase it more..
    if it ever happens though.. no food monopoly would allow everybody to know what's in that white thing they call "milk".

    maybe Same as inventing a mass way for reading thoughts would act on politicians..

Re: Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (04/05/14 08:10:40) Reply
    I know practically nothing about infrared fingerprinting - but from my experience with other systems I think food matrices are way too complex for a comprehensive analysis of legitimate and illegitimate ingredietns. If you have a 10 percent admixture of melamine, I need some persuasion before I believe that it can be detected reliably in a mixture of real milk protein, lactose, lipid globules and raspberry aroma with a low-rez handheld instrument. So illegal drugs IMHO would be the most suitable testing material because the number and complexity of ingredients are lower.

    Besides - I don't believe that the food monopolies - say Nestlé - would dare such faking. Too much at stake for a legitimate company. But Nestlé counterfeits could contain anything.

    Reading thoughts would act on politicians? They only think of themselves. I used to think that elections and politics were about politics. Now I know that they deal exclusively with re-electing the government. In Europe they're not good at even that - and they lack the tools available in other places such as some big countries eastward of Europe.

Re: Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (10/05/14 20:23:33) Reply
    I have great sympathy for the concept, but more from the healthcare side of it than the consumer quality tester side. For the consumer testing of food quality individual meters are a waste: It would be enough to test one sample from each batch of milk - or cheese - or baby food or canned tuna (for histamine from spoiling - not tasted, but experienced after eating). So an improvised neighbourhood lab would suffice - if the mafia permits it.

    Personal analytical instruments already exist in the shape of breath analyzers for alcohol, glucose meters, anticoagulant monitoring, lactic acid for sporters, beta hydroxy butyric acid for diabetes patients with poor control, cholesterol meters. All these methods are single-channel methods based on biological detection, usually enzymes. Ah yes, then we have the pregnancy tests, which are antibody-based.

    Spectrometers and chromatographs are - AFAIK - not yet ripe for the consumer market. The existing gadgets such as glucometers are complex enough - electronically

    http://www.ti.com/solution/medical_meters_portable#Design Considerations

    and chemically - and a chromatograph or spectrometer will be worse. But I'm sure one of those will go along with the first travellers to Mars.

Re: Re: Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (10/05/14 21:54:30) Reply
    yeah. it will be funny though, once spectro-print databases with *some* data being paid/fake/substituted, start to emerge.

The chase (11/05/14 08:00:55) Reply
    Crime-control -> crime infiltrating control -> control of control to identify crime infiltrating control => overwhelming and debilitating bureaucracy.

    In my system there might be difficulties distinguishing between crime and stupidity. The development goes towards more crime, thanks to our import of sophisticated criminals from some of the newer EU countries plus some failed-state non-EU countries.

    For a long time our system has been trying to persuade the crims to change their ways. Finally it seems to be dawning on them that other methods give better results - but at a high price.

    Fake certificates - we've seen it. Fakes in scientific publications: we've seen that too. Corruption in the universities and the public services ......

    And there are lots of worse places.

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