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Social networks or control of the society (28/01/14 02:48:40)
    Hi guys, I'm mhyst :)

    I'm not sure about how many of you use a social network (twitter, facebook, google+, etc). At first I liked the idea of a social network (from now on SN). Another way to gather with friends and meet new people. Now, time has passed and I see every SN as a set of parametrized data about its users, a way to allow the commercial to make personalized offers to sell us more crap than before, and a way for the governments to surveil and control the population. What's more surprising is that people is eager to give their privacy away with a smile. Some people even have told me that if you don't have nothing to be ashamed of, you should use your real name on Internet all the time. Google+ above all has made advancements in that way, taking the real names of the gmail users and putting it into google+ profiles. All the situation makes me angry. The anonymity is being ripped off the Internet.

    On the other hand, Google has been creating web applications for years now and now they require you to log in with a google+ account. Before, they were making profiles with the help of cookies. Now they have lots of files attached to real people names. People doesn't know what to do, cause they are used to Google applications like maps, drive, etc. and they cannot just stop using Google Apps.

    Google also controls these computers so called "smartphones". They learn people's location, contacts, and a lot more of things. And people is getting used to this as well.

    Facebook and others are trying to enclose the people in their closed gardens. They're trying to lure people into thinking that Internet is just inside their frontiers. People is lost and in the way, they give away their privacy.

    I see no hope. I'd appreciate ideas, suggestions or anything. Can we still fight? It's all lost?

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Social networks or control of the society