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hard facts (27/02/14 22:11:39)
    >scientific publications: They do contain facts - but [...] They are written for the merits of having published in a well-renowned journal. It's about research money and professorships.

    published research is different from actual research. actual research data is digital data, albeit not available together with 'nature' paper. it is on their disks, it is on their emails.

    >Patents: I've read a few of those too. Facts, perhaps, but overloaded to a degree that makes it impossible to distill practically useful knowledge from them. Patents are granted, for sure, with the explicit deal that you gain exclusivity at the cost of revealing what you do. So you bury the facts in oceans of irrelevance and obscure the practically useful bits as much as you can.

    again patents documents are not product blueprints. product blueprints are digital data, therefore sitting on media somewhere, backed up in many copies, read everyday dozens of times by antivirus bots, and maybe sometimes saved on dropbox, or in some other cloud.

    be careful! do not suppose that a search engine gives back all it can find.
    Snowden's documents were not available for google to index "before" the leak, but indeed they were available to backup software to be archived, and secured somewhere, and surely indexed, and carefully marked with "topsecret" digital stamps.

    >So I'd say: Real knowledge is made from product descriptions and from advanced teardowns.

    yes, for mass distribution purposes. But it can come straight from design documents, and probably more easily than thru reverse engineering.

    >I just bought a Win 8.1 netbook (the cheapest entry into 32-bit hardware). Cloud services, cloud backups, streaming, games - which I uninstalled. OK - I'm an old man - but I know young people who do the same. I know psychologists who think 1-2-3-year-olds should have ipads. I say: Teach them to speak and read and calculate. Icon pressing requires no effort and no skills, and the female world computer tries to entcie the world into the easy ways. It's the sirens of the Odyssey. Plug your ears and pass them by.

    i think you are right, but just from *your* point of view. and you are proud of having used a slide rule and maybe log tables.
    but today 3years old kids with ipads do not really need to know what a pixel is, or what a bit is, like you do not need to know the details of you car engine injector software.

    >The world computer may have access to all available knowledge except the really useful and secret stuff. It's all about appearances and marketing. Big data isn't so much about real knowledge - it's more about data.

    knowledge is just organized, structured, patterned, available data.

    >Still Magnus Carlsen can win by making moves that the computer cannot predict.
    mmh sure? I could just consider this a programming deficiency or a software bug. I do not see any anthropic principle need in alternative consciousness development.


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