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faf that sounds horrible, it is best you nipped it in the bud. (07/02/14 02:21:27)
    don't od now bud.

    be it on this or that.

    then again.

    you could always say what you mean.

    it could be a whole new stage.

    fuck knows there ain't much else happening.

    I mean. give it straight fellas.

    I can take it from any of you.

    Beta I may be

    But alpha you ain't.

    Then again +fravia wasn't wrong when he said that (( was the most dangerous person.

    but maybe you thought he was joking.

    five people took notice.

    2 people understood.

    Jesus man. Faf. Just spit it the fuck out. Don't be a 'punk'.

    I know I am a fucking retard, but.

    It's not like I am going to hit you.
    As if I would hit you.

    But then again.

    You are no GS, and I mean that in more ways than one.

    You could have had heaven on your doorstep, but you this and thatted like a little bitch. tha's a right. a little fem doggie.

    well. fuck.

    why don't you just say fuck you to my face.



    wanna drink?

    you paying.

    one way or another.

    say what yo like about ebee jeebees.

    at least no one get sensored cenior.

    eh eh.


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come again

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faf that sounds horrible, it is best you nipped it in the bud.