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Zen and motorcycles and innocence (17/02/14 20:39:47)
    I've been pondering the differences between the motorcycle book (ZATAOMM)and the boat book (Lila). The motorcycle book appealed to me immediately - emotionally at first, but then because it combined pondering and philosofising with hardcore techniness. In my precommercial world research and industry is about methods - and success depends entirely on having control with the methods - the technology.

    I know now that this is a na´ve misunderstanding of the real workings of the world. The world is about marketing, about appearances, about being liked by one's superiors, about knowing people with money, about saying the right buzzwords.

    In Lila, I think, Pirsig goes more into society and leaves behind the na´vetÚ and innocence of ZATAOMM. Society is about power. I love the internal logic of the nonpolitical world and shy away from the power struggles and boredoms of politics. Experiments are always honest: If they don't succeed, it's because I've made a mistake or because I lack understanding or both. No lip service from a failed experiment.

    I'm looking forward to reading


    I have a German translation. Look fascinating.

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Zen and motorcycles and innocence