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Re: Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (04/05/14 08:10:40)
    I know practically nothing about infrared fingerprinting - but from my experience with other systems I think food matrices are way too complex for a comprehensive analysis of legitimate and illegitimate ingredietns. If you have a 10 percent admixture of melamine, I need some persuasion before I believe that it can be detected reliably in a mixture of real milk protein, lactose, lipid globules and raspberry aroma with a low-rez handheld instrument. So illegal drugs IMHO would be the most suitable testing material because the number and complexity of ingredients are lower.

    Besides - I don't believe that the food monopolies - say Nestl - would dare such faking. Too much at stake for a legitimate company. But Nestl counterfeits could contain anything.

    Reading thoughts would act on politicians? They only think of themselves. I used to think that elections and politics were about politics. Now I know that they deal exclusively with re-electing the government. In Europe they're not good at even that - and they lack the tools available in other places such as some big countries eastward of Europe.

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