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Metal oxides, ceramics, glasses and toxicology (16/05/17 17:45:01) Reply
    Retirement has given me the chance of giving up medicine as a primary interest. The young people - some of them very good - should be the ones to take the struggles against fake science and corrupt politics. This tired old man can return to his old love of chemistry.

    So we have metal oxides and ceramic melts and inorganic pigments.

    Surfaces in politics - that's people posing and posturing. Surfaces in ceramics - that's real and physical substances. Make your own mix and make it stick.


Re: Metal oxides, ceramics, glasses and toxicology (18/07/17 22:34:12) Reply
    I dabble in a bit of raku myself, only little things ... my eyes go dry after handling clay. good fun. though terribly dirty when you play wit
    h the oxides.

The cleans and the dirties (21/07/17 22:33:19) Reply
    My little granddaughters play with the sands at the seaside. Terribly dirty - but a quick rinse in seawater takes away all traces of dirtiness. So we can enjoy seeing shrimp and hermit crabs and crabs before the crowd appears.

    Clays and sands and oxides and alkoxides - useful substances - but what do the children learn in school?

    Stuff to teach grandchildren.

    Please grow up fast.

come again

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