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Re: Anyone alive? (28/11/17 08:24:51)
    Times have really changed. Climate is changing: I can feel it and see it, and I read about in the news about hurricanes and sea level rise and glacier melts. Heating of houses with fossil fuel will be banned in .no from 2020, and I am preparing the last season, burning the leftovers in our hydrocarbon tank


    To keep warm in future winters we will change windows, reconstruct some walls with thicker layers of mineral wool, and install an air-to-air heat exchanger for use in moderately cold days. And finally - perhaps we will even install photovoltaic panels on the roof. Locally produced and consumed non-emission electric energy sounds tempting. A question of money, of course. But photovoltaics are competitive already when compared to diesel generators. So it is a question of payback time and affordable loans.

    For old people it is less dangerous than buying a motorcycle.

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Re: Anyone alive?