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Chess and Rock'n roll (25/11/13 22:28:31)
    So Carlsen won and was received as a rock'n roll star. Well deserved - and a wakeup to his home country where skiing has been the national sport. Suddenly lots of nerds popped up, and slow TV in several media showed the matches in real time.

    Chesswise Carlsen had one single person to help him; his team were there to shield him and entertain him and take away all chores. Opening (literally) all doors for him.

    Jon Ludvig Hammer (Grand master, but only grand master) stayed at home with the chess server and did the analysis work via Skype and file transfers (probably not via Skype for security reasons).

    Carlsen would not have the big experts to give him advice - he wanted, and got, a childhood friend to serve him ideas and caveats. It seems to explain why he broke off with Kasparov, who, by necessity would act like a father figure - the old-fashioned type.

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Chess and Rock'n roll