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Sustainable futures (28/11/17 18:24:22) Reply
    Returning to pre-industrial technologies is no option for the future unless there is a massive and sudden destruction of the biosphere. So industry, transportation, healthcare, entertainment and food production will have to continue using modern technology. Some technologies obviously need to be improved to make them more selective, more affordable, and more recyclable. In the beginning those technologies will be inefficient, expensive and unreliable. But someone needs to buy them so that development and improvement can continue. I see plenty of comments to the effect: "This technology is immature and will never be any better, so all effort is wasted." Bill Gates said something like that about the WWW. Tesla's professor said it about AC electric motors.

    Being an early adaptor is for the few and rich. We others can do something for improving the political and economic climate for new developments.

Re: Sustainable futures (30/11/17 00:39:58) Reply
    there's a remarkable gravity powered free energy machine that our spaceship keeps revolving around.

    people are remarkably stupid and stubborn, especially the "smart" ones.

    nuclear fusion is going on right now. 8 or so light minutes away.

    but nooooo it's not 100% efficient, so there must be a better way ( since when has 100% efficiency been achieved in energy transfer, ever? formula one engines just broke 50% this past year.)

    so they try to make fusion in a torus, rather than utilize the free fusion going on above them.

    fortunately there's probably a few hundred million years to go on the free gravity energy round the solar system.

    unfortunately there's no time left to cease the destruction of wilderness habitat by humans due to overpopulation.

Re: Re: Sustainable futures (24/12/17 14:03:53) Reply
    When you look at this from a fundamental point of view, it has much to do with behavior, don't do something now with little care for the future, because you will not be there. Don't pollute the plant and leave it in a worse state then how you found it, it's a exercise for daily living and I think for the future to be sustainable these acts have to be retaught on a daily basis.

    They are however those who are so consumed with immediate problems that they isn't any time to think like this, consumerism, poverty, ego just to name a few, the head of the beast (desire) takes many heads so generalization will not work and it must be stopped when the different forms manifest

    I believe a parallel state of mind is essential to achieving this, a sense of fulfillment in the way people go about their daily lives, it might be some sort of vision or idea for the future that propels them to over see their present situations, these situations and individuals are rare, take Albert Einstein for example but not impossible

    The people have to ultimately take responsibility and nourish the environment for such individuals to come up within their communities

    My two cents worth...


Re: Sustainable futures:Sustainable furnitures and sustainble fur (23/12/17 19:02:07) Reply
    While I googled both only for wordplay not too surprisingly both gives plenty hits ( see images ). Especially interesting how less is the environmental impact
    of using animal fur instead of artificial ( not that it seems to be such a big problem excluding fashion - I don't think that I have any clothes made with either ).

    Where I have grown up people were allowed to put anything they didn't need
    for collection by the regular trash collectors once a year. I regularly biked around and collected antique items that way, Thonet bentwood chairs, had all kinds of ( funny/exotic/antique ) bicycle parts, tools, sewing machines, old books, periodicals, documents. Actually more than I can fit in my living space, so after a time I just gave a lot of them away to people who enjoyed them. Not even because I think it will make the future sustainable. Some/all of those things were better quality and nicer design then most brand new thing in the shops. I simply felt sorry for nice, interesting, historical things to get destroyed. It was just a hobby for me. It was at the time an industry with "professional" teams focusing on antique items, others on electronics, some on scrap metal or paper or even wood for the winter, leaving the collecting company the actual trash.

    Where I live NOW is full-blown consumer society. It is against the system to reuse/recycle. Few years back Playstation3 came out and sold for a big price for Christmas. In January the store packed up the unsold ones and sent them to
    "Environcom" BY THE LORRIES ( not one ) for controlled destruction ( that means that they give proof that none of those units get back to the market - they go to the grinder/smelter ). Those were better quality hardware than the ones Saddam supposedly used four thousends of, to build his supercomputer. From factory to annihilation. Same story with Playstation4. I just hate illogical waste - would have been happier even if the bloody local secret police confiscated all of them to crack code on it. I wonder if one steals them by the lorryful ( truckload that is :D ) whats their crime is? Were they valuable items, or expensive-to-destroy surplus junk? What's ones status? Robber? Saviour? Environmental activistslashterrorists?

Entangled (27/12/17 11:50:53) Reply
    The economics of industrial production of consumer goods is far beyond my understanding. Some of it relates to the fact that the future cannot be predicted reliably. Some of it relates to the fact that industrial production needs to be done in batches. Producing too little will limit profit and frustrate customers. producing too much means that the surplus needs to be destroyed. Otherwise it will inhibit all further business - with the manufacturer as well as for the wholesaler and the retailer - and lead to loss of jobs or even bankruptcy.

    So one task is limiting the environmental impact.

    The good old-fashioned products that never were worn out - their time is over. They were designed for simplistic production methods and with copious use of material - so they were wasteful, but in a different way.

    It will never be right. So there must be a continuous and complex set of processes that improve the sustainability. The customer may exert some power by buying the right products.

Sustainability and continuity (29/12/17 08:24:01) Reply
    There seems to be a paradox here. Sustainability is not synonymous with absence of change. For new life to have room; for new inventions to have room - old life must die and must be recycled, and old products or suoerfluous products need to be destroyed and recycled.

    One strategy for killing bacteria - and some cancer cells - centers around filling the cell with useless protein material by (for bacteria) making defective proteins, or (for cancer cells) inhibiting breakdown of protein material. So the target cell suffocates in its own unrecycled waste. Society and cells - this time I think I found a common mechanism.

Re: Sustainability and continuity (29/12/17 13:30:30) Reply
    Forest fires may in some places be necessary for renewal of vegetation - to make it suitable for some species of herbivore animals. Regular deliberate burning of heather is necessary to keep it suitable for sheep - and it keeps down other vegetation too. Flowery fields stay flowery only if they are regularly cut. Otherwise grass and - eventually - trees - take over. Then no more flowers.

    And every gardener and farmer knows the importance of weeding.

    We need not think of the botanical weeds - but the people hurt by losing important struggles must be helped to find new ways for themselves. The task may be formidable, but shying away from it may lead to disaster.

Re2: Sustainable nurtures (31/12/17 13:26:56) Reply
    i-diots - 2013

    is dejavu.. 2017

come again

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