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Ice ages and interglacial periods; cooling and warming (25/01/14 12:15:58)
    Ice ages are of profound interest to Norwegians because large parts of the landscape have been formed by glaciers. So many of us are reminded of it daily just by looking around. No fjords without an ice age. None of our valleys either. And the flat lands are to a great extent moraines - gravel and sand deposits stemming from glacial activity.

    We are now in an interglacial period. According to the .no Wikipedia page previous interglacial periods have been oscillating. According to the previous periodicity Earth would be due for a new ice age. If so, global warming would postpone or cancel it.

    Previous ice ages - well, much of the present bare land was covered in ice, and sea levels elsewhere could be 100 m lower owing to all the ice deposits on land. (that water would be saltier too, wouldn't it?)

    I believe we have goog reasons to be afraid of global warming because it may have quick and dramatic negative effects on water supply and food production. An ice age would come more slowly because buildup of large ice deposits on land is a lengthy and slow process. But a disaster nonetheless.



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Ice ages and interglacial periods; cooling and warming