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some final words on this (09/02/14 19:06:17)

    In fact, I haven't (dis)proved absolutely anything here nor can I, from this perspective.

    It could be this or it could be that, it could be absurd or not, could be pure "interest" or something else, out or beyond mind, but thing is that if I assume a right for myself (say to believe in "stupidities" or, better, greater things, but note the quotes ;) I must admit such a right to all others too.

    About the only point of breach so to speak that I myself wouldn't or "couldn't" negotiate about is the objectivism of all our (ostensible/potential) subjectivisms -- to me these would exist "outside us" too, as a real fact or another facet of reality if you get me.
    Anyway, sorry about any inconveniences I may have caused

    all this is beginning to stink, even to me, so...

    Just still hoping that last truth is nowhere near about ;)

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some final words on this