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Re: Portulaca oleracea (19/03/14 15:06:12)
    you lucky bastard!
    fresh free range eggs (+all the omega3 and crap) cost a fortune in the supermarket and taste quite crappy.
    im forced to spend only half my fortune to buy decent ones from a bedouin.
    the only down side, besides the price, is that they must be consumed in 2 days max.

    i kinda guessed portulaca oleracea grows in your area, and i assumed you knew its edible.
    i never knew about the eggs thing until a year ago or so.
    i did remember where i first hear about the omega3 and eggs. it was on national geographic.
    something about an american researcher (a woman) of greek or italian origin that wondered why the eggs at her parents house were so rich in omega3.
    of course i dozed off, so if you happen to have time to search for this and find anything let me know.

    personally, i encountered the portulaca quite some years ago when i stopped at an arab family owned food stand and took my chances with a bourekas there.
    after much begging they mumbled about what was in it.
    i think that besides the P it also contained some http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxalis_pes-caprae and perhaps a little bit of spinach.
    oh yeah, and another sure ingredient - habanero sauce. just a drop. jalapenos wont work. and definitely no tabasco for this one (takes away too much away from the oxalis flavor)
    best damn bourekas i ever ate. besides the one my better half makes ;)

    speaking of oxalis, i remembered that as a child i used to stroll the hillside nearby with one of those flowers stuck in a corner of my mouth.
    now the hillside is covered in concrete and tall buildings.

    anyway, there are now a few farms in the desert that are looking into cultivating, selecting the best cultivar and of course exporting it for a price of a small car.
    another one of my counties high-tech ideas...
    give a man a fish and he knows where to come for more, teach him how to fish and you destroy your market base ;)
    the weed market will probably be a good market to invest in the coming years. too bad really.

    [e, if possible, id like to see more comments and your opinion on various weeds and their toxicity (such as here). for example Ruta chalepensis?]


    as invasive as the P weed is, it just wont grow in my garden. damn.
    i wonder what is bugging it. everything else is growing just fine. even the levisticum (which is quite demanding).

    heh, no mention of dogs in this thread yet ;)

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Re: Portulaca oleracea