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Baby booms (09/01/17 07:01:14)
    I think it is time to look more critically at the term "baby boom". The presently most urgent problems seem connected to the fact that there are and have been baby booms in countries that cannot sustain enlargements of their populations or utilise their young talent. And there is no remedy in sight as long as religion is almost all-powerful in fertility matters. Go and fill the earth, as God is reported to have said. Well - now the earth is full.

    7 billion? When I was young, we were 3 billion. Norway was 3.5 million. Now there are 5 million. How was it with Syria? 5 million in 1960. 23 million in 2013. Pakistan 46 million in 1960, 182 million in 2013. No wonder people want to get away at almost any risk.

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Baby booms