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Concerto (12/12/12 21:02:21) Reply
    for group & orchestra is out, in it's first (& last [Jon Lord is dead]) studio-recording.
    i have a present, audio-cd & making-of-dvd, does anybody wants it (xmas time)?

Re: Concerto (13/12/12 13:54:58) Reply
    so much thanks anyway
taking your will for the deed

Re: Re: Concerto (13/12/12 14:13:49) Reply
    for purists here, if any:

    'many,' if fact, many thanks anyway :)
taking your will for the deed

Re: Re: Concerto (13/12/12 21:12:28) Reply
    no, i want someone to take part in the lost, if someone don't know how to contact me, try maldoro@live.de

Re: Re: Re: Concerto (14/12/12 02:22:05) Reply
    lautremont, eh? I seem to recall posting chansons in the bowl...

    eac for the rip? how are the levels? do tell :)

    been having a wonderful time with offline upsampling & computer playback of all my cds & sacds.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Concerto (15/12/12 20:56:30) Reply
    oops, i'm surprised anyone knows this name:)
    OK, compared to Pratchett's Death, he is pale & boring...

Scalisto (14/12/12 15:11:50) Reply
    Thanks for the proposition dear old man, but I will not try this menu without you singing its deliciousness until you finaly convince me and get my mouth watering with envy.

    And who is/was this Jon Lord by the way?

    As the "festive" mood start to take of in here too, it is now my turn to give you what only real d.o.m's really do enjoy: a precise GPS point on where to find what is mostly a dead creators' creations graveyard.


Re: Scalisto (15/12/12 20:32:34) Reply
    you asked. Jon Lord is now a DeadOldMan, but while the 'making of DVD' he was a DyingOldMan, as most of us are. But he has a reason to smile sometimes, as we don't have. Bruce Dickinson says:
    'That was worth a million dollars, seeing Jon, you know, seeing Jon smile'

Re: Concerto (20/12/12 20:46:04) Reply
    ok, so i will burn it

Re: Re: Concerto (22/12/12 08:04:49) Reply
    Still, think it twice ;)

    Personally, I have always tried to somehow keep away from things that I cherish the most, afraid of the possibillity to "stain" them or something..

    Some would say that only an "atheist" can be a good believer :)

    Again, think it twice.
taking the will for the deed

Keeping the cake or eating it (22/12/12 13:14:48) Reply
    Can't have both, I've been taught.
    Always use the best. If the wear has become bothersome it's time to move on.
    There's no end to wonderful music. Some of it even doesn't wear out.

On the other hand, (22/12/12 15:40:56) Reply

Re: Keeping the cake or eating it (23/12/12 12:27:51) Reply
    Almost, as if '...we don't need to talk...' :)

    'Mister Rueprt,'

    do not disappoint us.

still around

Re: Re: Re: Concerto (22/12/12 18:18:18) Reply
    ooops, sorry, that was only a joke. Fact is that i ordered by my mistake (ja, i know) two copies & i'm sure, one day i will find some, who takes the second one :)

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