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Climate and agriculture and lo-tech assistance (25/11/15 22:18:56) Reply
    It seems that ocean levels are rising some places. It seems that rain predictability decreases in arid areas.

    I think I see that most of the top-down development projects through governments are failing because those governments are corrupt. Mercedes-Benz and Boeing and Lear take the money. Not much development to be seen there.

    The donors have little knowledge of the humble technologies that are the foundations of survival and thriving. In the end it is the arrogance of our educational system - directed towards consumption instead of production and towards superficial MBA-type leadership instead of technological prowess.

    Techies should not unite. We need to make our individual fightings because we are so few. And sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on.

Re: Climate and agriculture and lo-tech assistance (26/11/15 18:18:17) Reply
    Mmh. We're fighting through the biggest refugee crisis Europe has seen for over 60 years.

    Why does that happen now? Well, war is one part. Bute even before the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria there were thousands of refugees who came from Africa, especially Libya, over the Mediterranean sea. What made them leave their countries?

    Now, the so-called first world has dumped their local markets with their leftovers for decades and thus deprived the local farmers and craftsmen of their means of existence.

    With our wars and our imperialistic and neoliberal economic behavior, we evoked this situation. And now we're surprised that it fires back on us. We close the borders, let people drown in the sea by the thousands.

    "Far too many people in too short a time.", "We're running out of supplies.", "We're running out of money", "We can't handle this", "Borders must be closed completely and immdiately". "Why must I pay for them!?"

    I disagree. I completely disagree. This is our responsibility and we should and we must face it. Let's get working.

Levelling the field (26/11/15 20:55:30) Reply
    There are continents that could be made Gardens-Of-Eden if nurtured with care and knowledge and resources. I don't thing we should sit still and take the punishment for the actions of the NeoCons. That will only play into the hands of the same NeoCons - and I think they're the scum of the earth. No better than mafias. But then - who are the smugglers and package tour providers?

    I think European settlers in Africa did some of their thinking right: They took good technologies into a continent that did not have them. But the racist attitudes and actions were all wrong - and the confrontation between the good-technologi-coupled-to-racism-immigrants and the oppressed was nothing but destructive. As I understand it, the worst overshoot in the negative direction is Zimbabwe, which used to reasonably rich owing to the good agriculture.

    And there has been little tidying up of thought models in either of the camps. Standard aid-through-governments is a failure by feeding the corruption already present in the system.

    I am old enough to remember 1960, with the large-scale upsurge in independence in Africa. It looked so promising. "Nigeria is a republic". Well - what good did Shell do?

    One of ttthe processes that I applaud is the stronger stance against corruption. Large companies are now being prosecuted, and the top levels seem to be in big shit. That's good and part of the development towards livable conditions in those countries. But it will be slow - and I will not see the breaking point in my lifetime (I don't expect to live that long).

    When politics are involved, it's almost never the right people who are punished.

    Berlin next week? If not, then later.
    You have my number?

Re: Levelling the field (27/11/15 00:25:21) Reply
    Berlin next week

    Won't be able to make it, I'm afraid.
    An no, I don't ;)

And then some old hit to hammer my point home (26/11/15 20:32:29) Reply

    Stewart Elliott on drums

    (live on that memorable Al Stewart concert)

And this was on the NRK, and I didn't see it live (26/11/15 21:55:47) Reply

Re: Climate and agriculture and lo-tech assistance (27/11/15 14:02:10) Reply
    people have been working on this for quite some time.

    from back in 2011 there's the "Appropriate Technology Reference Library"


    also found here http://www.villageearth.org/appropriate-technology

    unknown which was first, I suspect the torrent, frankly.


    and the open source ecology site: http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Main_Page

    which is fantastic.

    of course, one cannot make someone a tool user who doesn't have the capability, but it feels good to pretend.

    Along with heirloom seed sharing, which is only done by terrorists, there is indeed hope for a decentralized bounty.

    Add the power of gravity, and one would have great success just about anywhere.

    oh, and the climate changing is headed towards a solar minima, rather than the hysterical polar bear drowning outcome.


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