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A Protocol for Dying  (23/04/16 18:21:30) Reply
    i knew this guy. personally. from fravia days.
    still owe him dozen beers, from one night around bruxeles.
    and some interesting talk.
    will have to pass them to someone else.
    i promise.

Re: A Protocol for Dying  (25/04/16 14:20:50) Reply
    Nothing beats the seriousness of this topic. There is no lighter side to it. But it shows one sinister advantage of dying of a cancer: The time to prepare oneself and the surroundings for the final departure. No such planning is possible for those destined to die a sudden cardiac death, or death from an unpredictable event such as an accident or a random murder.

    Health personnel do their utmost to keep alive the parents of small children. Such patients rank at the top - along with kings - when it comes to surgery. With experimental drugs it may be different. Money comes in as a factor - and health personnel aren't the shepherds of money any more in the New Public Management system of European healthcare.

Re: A Protocol for Dying  (18/01/17 19:19:24) Reply
    The tone of this man's voice reminds me of +F. Thank you for sharing, svd.

A Protocol for the living (dead) - can i get a working mail please? (31/01/17 20:11:31) Reply
    i have something that may be worth publishing (imvho) and would like some help.

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