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Re: Climate and agriculture and lo-tech assistance (26/11/15 18:18:17)
    Mmh. We're fighting through the biggest refugee crisis Europe has seen for over 60 years.

    Why does that happen now? Well, war is one part. Bute even before the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria there were thousands of refugees who came from Africa, especially Libya, over the Mediterranean sea. What made them leave their countries?

    Now, the so-called first world has dumped their local markets with their leftovers for decades and thus deprived the local farmers and craftsmen of their means of existence.

    With our wars and our imperialistic and neoliberal economic behavior, we evoked this situation. And now we're surprised that it fires back on us. We close the borders, let people drown in the sea by the thousands.

    "Far too many people in too short a time.", "We're running out of supplies.", "We're running out of money", "We can't handle this", "Borders must be closed completely and immdiately". "Why must I pay for them!?"

    I disagree. I completely disagree. This is our responsibility and we should and we must face it. Let's get working.

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Re: Climate and agriculture and lo-tech assistance