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Spit at them! (19/02/16 11:59:28)
    When competing against each other quality is not as important as material strength. Universities need to compete for money on different measures than actual quality. The strong ones will win. I've just read something about the american unis a few years back - they are totally money-oriented. Kind of fame ( as in university football championship fame ) generates huge income for the teachers who want that money. That's the end ( of their story ). Nobody wants to create a better world.

    In Memoriam Prof. K. H. G. (English)

    ’Hölderlin ist ihnen unbekannt?’* asked Prof. K.H.G. while digging a hole for the carrion of a horse.
    ’Who was it?’ asked the German guard.
    ’He wrote Hyperion,’ explained Prof. K.H.G. He loved explaining things. ’The greatest character of German romanticism. And what about Heine?’
    ’Who are they?’ asked the guard.
    ’Poets,’ said Prof. K.H.G. ’Don’t you know Schiller’s name either?’
    ’But I do.’, said the German guard.
    ’How about Rilke?’
    ’I know him, too.’, said the German guard and he turned paprika-red in the face and shot Prof. K.H.G. dead.

    *’You haven’t heard of Hölderlin?’


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