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Newtonian mechanics applied elsewhere (18/03/16 18:07:44)
    At school (which I dimly remember) we were taught Newton's 3rd law: action = reaction. I kick the wall; the wall kicks back in the same moment. My foot loses.

    In chemistry or elsewhere:

    Any change in status quo prompts an opposing reaction in the responding system.


    Another principle is that of rebound effects. (I have pharmacological background): If something is suppressed - say the cholinergic nerve system, or acid production in the stomach - and the suppressant is taken away, there will be increased activity of the formerly suppressed system to levels far higher than before the drug was started. The fluid-running-from-all-openings of opiate withdrawal is a related phenomenon.

    It strikes me that politicians or high-level administrators have no idea about those principles. They seem to believe that a political decision, if made, will have the desired effect. For ever. They do not seem to understand that the system will adjust and search for (and find) loopholes.

    Politicians should not be only lawyers or social "scientists" or career politicians - we need some with background in harder sciences too.

    The medics I have seen in politics have been a disappointment. Just as bad as the others.

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Newtonian mechanics applied elsewhere