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Re: So what about Trump? (05/05/16 21:38:06)
    I am not sure if you actually follow the happenings. What Trump did until now is got himself the republican nominee. Which is a sad thing because he is a very poor representative of any "republican" values. He got all the votes from the people who might vote republican against the other republican nominated. The results said nothing about the estimated results of running him against a democratic party nominee. As sadly you cannot really beat Clinton with a lunatic, I took the liberty and checked the British betting sites. Let me quote:
    If you willing to put £2 on Trump and he wins the bookies pay you £5 over ( they estimate a chance of 2/7 - 28% on Trump ). With Hillary Clinton its the other way around - if you pay £5 an d she wins you gonna win £2 ( 5/7 71% on Hillary ).
    They do this for a living - and they are living well.
    I am seriously tempted to put money on Hillary as it feels safe investment.
    My source:

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Re: So what about Trump?