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eu (18/02/17 17:43:55) Reply
    i wasnt aware that to register an .eu domain name i had to be in eu or supply an eu address.
    i am an eu citizen living in africa/asia and had an .eu domain name for Years.
    a month ago I was cancelled.
    the irony...

    but more importantly, what happened to the "borderless internets"?


    theres the reason i hate "the clowds"...
    my info, my terms, my perms, sod off.

Re: eu (18/02/17 18:17:43) Reply
    For a .de address or a .com address there is only the requirement of paying the money and providing a billing address with a presumed ownername.

    For a .no address there is a purgatory to go through, with really paranoid documentation of owner identity, and with draconic conditions.

    If .eu will not have you, I'm sure there are others who will if you make the right promises and pay the right kind of money.

problem solved (21/02/17 08:12:13) Reply
    if .eu doesnt want me, i dont want .eu :)

    however, i think i need a translation for the following document.


    never read so many nonsense crammed together in just 5 pages.

come again

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