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Re: If I remember right (13/07/14 19:24:50)
    hi, e :)

    "I'd say that designing a rotary magnetic field AC electric motor or a high-voltage generating coil are inventions rather than discoveries."

    of course they are :)

    just.. before any invention must have been some form of its discovery,
    its possibility, if you like.

    once we have discovered, not invented, say explosive fuel, only then (from this "relative" perspective of course) can we give full rein to our "whims" (like say inventing a five cycle/wheel motor/car or something)
    to boot, even in this process we are experimenting and finding something new as we go rather than "inventing".

    the specific thing with tesla, however, is that the whole "nation" is, methinks, still convinced that its him who *invented* not ac motor or something but no less than electrical current itself :))

    overall i really appreciate very much all you say here, specially that we/science are/is "at the mercy of its instruments", yes!

    thanks and come back soon :)

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Re: If I remember right