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still.. :) (20/07/14 22:53:48)
    the three-phase rotating magnetic field, e.g.
    (being attributed to tesla; and being the "father" to all subsequent inventions)
    is, still, by no means an invention
    but "just" a find, discovery.

    it can't be an invention.

    no, even if he'd imagined it, beforehand (which I doubt, btw)
    (because the other things involved there, like say magnetic field, *as such*, being out of his control, only made it at all possible)

    (don't) think about it
    feel it :)

    seems that "the nation" is still
    hardly was 'he' wrong about himself.

    (and hardly could me be that "bad" myself ;)

    greets :)

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still.. :)