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Re: Re: and thank you , too (25/10/14 19:59:02)
    Another book on the conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

    I will get around to reading them all, but frankly I had to give up nearly halfway through "Black Book of Communism" because it is so horrifying and mind-numbingly descriptive of the terrors and horrors of the communists.

    Still, mustn't let the natural instinct to recoil in horror stop one from persevering through the descriptions of the machinations and rat-fucking dirty tricks contained therein, subverting morality with false narratives and lies.

    So I will give Red Millionaire a read as well, With periodic breaks to de-louse my mind with some Mozart or Bach, some Black Tea with Clover Honey, and pictures of tranquil arboreal bliss.

    It's all just too much to deal with at one go. At least the salifis are honest about their intentions, not like the rot within that the international socialists are.

    All very rational and reasonable with their NPR-intonations of newspeak, I'm sure.

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Re: Re: and thank you , too