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tranquillitas non libertas  (20/09/14 16:00:03)
    the sharp tongue of tacitus i believe. i hope you know the context... funny how google knows nothing about this.


    i should probably stop here but my tongue itches and i have received the precious gift of spare time.
    its like spare/loose change.
    when you walk alone at night it makes an unbearable noise, but when you walk into a crowd...


    judging by your own definition of peace, that you exposed in several older threads, is highly incompatible with freedom.

    again, as you yourself have stated before, peace requires a selective and willful amnesia.
    but since its not a real amnesia, forgiveness must soon follow.
    or was it forgiveness first and then forgetfulness?
    it doesnt really matter imo.

    also, it seems to me that you view peace as goal in itself and not a byproduct with varying degrees of magnitude and quality.
    this trend seem like a reaction to the atrocities of 2 WW. but maybe im over simplifying things. perhaps its a reaction to the discomfort of reading european history in general...


    "So that's your bad news?"
    "No." White shook his flowing, fiery mane. "Our enemy is something vaster and more
    vicious than the Triplanet Powers. And the weapon against us is something more deadly than
    any mass-converter. It is pure benevolence."
    Forester sat hunched and shuddering.

    an old piece of crappy sci-fi. http://vedanta.eu/tmp/Williamson,_Jack_-_The-Humanoids.pdf


    the post had quite a "bit" more, but i decided to bury it. for now at least.
    ill leave you to your 40 years old amnesia if you so choose, i have no invested interest to _forcefully_ wake you up to reality...

    ill leave you with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKpazeA5L8


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