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Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 18:52:28)
    Because I'm a simple layman, I don't need to have the ready-made solve-it-all. There are enough people around with such aspirations - and I sometimes feel that the real problem is exactly there.

    One of the elements of peace as I experience it now, is having the time and opportunity to enjoy this season's vegetables in my own home - it need not be more sophisticated than potatoes (so it isn't a question of wealth) - without having to be looking over my shoulder for muggers or assassins or having to watch my steps for explosives or having to be aware of the whereabouts of the nearest air raid shelter.

    Freedom? Some people seem to think that it is the freedom to becoming a powerful politician. Ruling the world. Feynman said it in an entirely different context: There's plenty of tyranny at the top, and plenty of room at the bottom.

    I'll stay with my potatoes.

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Re: tranquillitas non libertas