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Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 19:44:41)
    no idea about this ready-made solve-it-all or politics or wealth...

    perhaps youll be surprised to know that i too tend to my garden (and yes - potatoes too).
    in fact, i believe it is the supreme act of freedom, and most importantly - free will (if you will ;))

    as for assassins and the whereabouts of the nearest air raid shelter, well...
    i do not _worry_ about those at all, these are just details i have to memorize and things to watch out for.
    much like being careful of chaetopelma olivaceum while tending to my garden.
    part of being alive and staying alive.
    i see no difference there. perhaps you can enlighten me.
    extending the thought further, i would say that peace is more of a state of mind than a state of affairs.
    same with freedom, only with one big exception.

    i see no point in your reply, as it seems to me that you brushed away your own past arguments and wiggled out of what could have turned out to be an interesting discussion.
    sorry to have bothered you with your own contradictions.
    40 years amnesia it is then.
    the beardos may lose and the girls may win, but i do hope you have a good high electric fence.
    it will come in handy since you forgot to watch your back.
    much like freedom, peace has a price. the difference is in the fence.
    dont underestimate the girls...


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Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas